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DigitalOcean Cloud Hosting Price: Cloud-based virtual machines (VMs) from DigitalOcean are affordable and extremely configurable, but their extensive list of choices could leave you feeling completely lost.

DigitalOcean Cloud Hosting Price

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There are more than a dozen add-ons to take into account, and droplets—the name DigitalOcean gives its virtual machines—come in various configurations.

I made the decision to thoroughly examine DigitalOcean’s pricing plans since I had some past experience with a handful of its services. I’ll be reviewing each service’s well-known Droplets plans as well as the less well-known Kubernetes and App Platforms in order to make sure you understand exactly what you’re getting with each one.

Before we continue, bear in mind that there are no user-friendly, beginner-friendly solutions available on DigitalOcean.Instead, think of it as the “developer cloud,” which is why it presents itself as such.

DigitalOcean Cloud Hosting Price and Features Overview

Expensive Add-Ons limit Affordable Plans. The Droplet is the centerpiece of DigitalOcean’s cloud services. Static webpages, dynamic apps, databases, and other types of content may all be hosted in highly-customizable VMs called droplets. There are other configurations available, albeit you cannot specify the precise number of vCPU cores or RAM/storage that a Droplet has.

Other offerings include cloud storage, managed database hosting, managed Kubernetes clusters built on Droplets, an App Platform intended for rapid deployment, and more.

Using any of the popular credit cards, PayPal, wire transfers, or hourly payments, you may make your payments. Although DigitalOcean doesn’t provide a money-back guarantee, new customers do receive $100 in credits.

When you join up, you’ll discover that Droplets are pre-configured with a number of fantastic features. You also have free access to the RESTful API, monitoring graphs, and collaboration tools provided by DigitalOcean. Nevertheless, further features might be pricey. For instance, increasing the cost of a beginning Droplet by installing simple load balancers. Backups cost more even though they aren’t as expensive.

You may cancel any service from your dashboard without contacting customer care if you change your mind. If there are no problems along the way, the complete procedure shouldn’t take more than a few minutes.

DigitalOcean Cloud Hosting Price Starter

When it comes to cost, free really is the best option; thus, the Starter plan is already advantageous. The free tier’s 100 build minutes per month and 1GiB of outbound transfer per app allow you to develop up to three static websites. This restriction does not apply to you; however, adding more sites will cost you $3 each month.

DigitalOcean allays any anxieties about the free plan’s dearth of functionality by providing managed SSL/TLS certificates, DDoS defense, a worldwide CDN, and GitHub integration. Additionally, you are free to bring your own domain.
Basic Droplets, which are used to build starter programs, share your vCPU core.

DigitalOcean VPS Hosting Price Basic

The Basic plan is the best choice if you want DigitalOcean to provide, maintain, and protect your cloud infrastructure since it can handle both static and dynamic apps. You will receive 400 build minutes and 40 GiB of outbound transfer per month for each app. How much RAM you’ll use to execute your app’s services for a month can affect pricing. The range for this is 512 MB to 4 GB.

Everything from the Free plan is available to you, including the ability to deploy code from GitHub, GitLab, and open-source Git repositories. Additionally, auto OS updating and the ability to grow vertically by increasing container size are included. Apps will operate on Basic Droplets same as on the Free plan.

You may add managed databases, development databases, more outbound transfer, and object storage if you want more than what these plans provide.

DigitalOcean Cloud Hosting Price Professional

The Professional plan may handle both vertical and horizontal scalability and is built on Basic or General Purpose Droplets (your decision will determine whether the vCPU cores are shared or dedicated) (adding containers). Everything from the Basic plan is included in this one, plus a few extra extras.

Even while the Professional plan costs more than twice as much as the Basic plan, it does include a dedicated vCPU.

Additionally, you will receive 1000 build minutes each month, 100 GiB of outbound transfer per app, and hourly analytics to aid with app performance analysis. For what it’s worth, you’ll also get high availability clusters, which is particularly important given DigitalOcean’s sporadic dependability.

The latest ten successful deployments of your app will be saved by DigitalOcean in case you ever need to roll it back to a previous version.


Developers that wish to concentrate on the coding and delegate the rest to DigitalOcean should choose an App Platform plan.
With DigitalOcean, you may create your app in a variety of ways. This utilizes a measure known as “build minutes,” and each App Platform tier includes a set amount of development time.

The Free plan is a great way to test out DigitalOcean’s offerings, and if you require more processing power, you can quickly upgrade to a Basic or Professional plan. The fact that all infrastructure is completely handled more than makes up for the price, despite the fact that the pricing system may be confusing, especially with add-ons and more instances.

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