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Which Cloud Hosting is Best for WordPress Websites? – Do you have a developing variable or traffic site? We have tested the most popular cloud hosting provider for WordPress websites and made a list of seven of our favorites. They are all options that meet the requirements according to a big or small budget.

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There are many marketers who regularly search online for cloud hosting, AWS hosting, google cloud hosting, Linode pricing, cloud VPS, etc. they need good WordPress Hosting.

Some of them have the same thing in common: they’re all managed to host providers, so they’ll take care of the technical stuff while you focus on your website and business; They are all optimized for WordPress, And each SSD provides free SSL storage and certificates.

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Moreover – each gives something unique which sets it apart from the others. Which of the following hosts is right for you? It completely depends on your specific WordPress cloud hosting needs. See below to find out how the top provider gets the cut.

Which Cloud Hosting is Best for WordPress Websites?

Which Cloud Hosting is Best for WordPress Websites?

Every WordPress hosting provider claims that it gives you everything your site needs, but that is not true. So this is the way I rate this top cloud host:

  • WordPress Customization: Just because the provider offers WordPress hosting doesn’t mean that the performance and features are designed specifically for WordPress. I am looking for hosts that have optimized and configured their services for the most popular CMS in the world.
  • Speed ​​and reliability: Top technology means top performance, leading to faster loading speeds, uptime, and happier site visitors.
  • Measurement: If your business grows and your journey is expanding, you want to be able to meet your resource needs.
  • Expertise: Some hosts give you more features for your money—specifically, more WordPress-centric features—and you want to make sure you get the best and most useful tools from the provider you choose.
  • Ease of use: Even if the WordPress cloud hosting provider checks all other boxes, finding an easy-to-use service will ensure you don’t waste time figuring out the account management interface.

Top 5 best cloud hosting providers for WordPress websites:

  1. Kinsta Cloud Hosting
  2. A2 Hosting – Cloud
  3. InMotion Cloud Hosting
  4. Nexcess Cloud Hosting
  5. SiteGround Cloud Hosting

1. Kinsta Cloud – Best Performance:

Kinsta is number one on our list because it offers reliable, fast, and fast loading speeds compared to other managed WordPress cloud hosts. My colleague registered and tested the Kinsta for four months, and he left the results.

Kinsta is also very easy to use. The control panel is designed for beginners but has all the tools needed by web developers. However, meanwhile profitable, Kinsta is not compatible with the budget; This is the most expensive provider on our list. But if you can bear it, it has its performance with extra coins.

There are various Kinsta plans to choose from. The starting plan is to give you 10GB of storage and allows WordPress to be installed with up to 25,000 monthly visits. Multiple plans will offer 150 WordPress installations, 250GB of storage, and 3,000,000 monthly visits. And each plan comes equipped with the same basic features, including daily stores.

2. A2 Hosting Cloud – Best Use for Unlimited Websites:

Like Kinsta, the WordPress hosting plan managed by A2 Hosting was built-in cloud technologies designed specifically for WordPress. The Lite-based SwiftWarns hosting platform speeds up much faster… but not as fast as PuTTY.

What A2 Hosting gives you is that the other hosts on our list don’t have the option to host an unlimited number of websites, even though you’ll have to pay for the main package, which only includes 40GB of SSD storage.

If you don’t choose the unlimited website option, you have two other plans to choose from 1-site or 3-sites. Whichever plan you choose, you’ll get the same features, along with free SSL and CDN compatibility, but the lower-level package comes with fewer resources. Although many have limited plans and low storage capacity, A2 Hosting is one of the best features and performance.

3. InMotion Cloud Hosting – Features With Low Price:

Inmotion Hosting has many managed WordPress hosting at the lowest cost on our list and offers more features than others. All packages include unlimited email accounts, free CDN, a sophisticated security suite, Liquid configured, and more.

One thing that differentiates InMotion Hosting is the unlimited bandwidth it offers, so you don’t have to worry about your transfer speed. But in addition to unlimited bandwidth, that sets the reach of your monthly visitors, starting at 20,000 with an entry-level plan.

Managed WordPress hosting from InMotion Hosting is great for beginners, especially in the US, as the two data centers are located there. (And four of the four VPS plans are WordPress plans. Paying a high-growth plan to get the best InMotion hosting is still cheaper than a low-level plan with the most expensive hosts on our list.

4. Nexcess – Most Storage on Premium Price:

Great cloud hosting alternative to Nexus WordPress if you are a mid-level user who is not afraid of technology with a learning curve. It’s still managed to host, too weighted for you, but the Nexus proprietary control panel isn’t as user-friendly as PuTTY.

With Nexus, you get tons of features, fast speeds, 22 global data centers, CDN, and a 100% uptime guarantee. Adventure offers, and I have to say, my colleague didn’t face uptime problems in testing.

Nexus offers a plan tailored to businesses large and small, whether you have a single site with steady traffic or a Goliath company that requires a bounty of websites and resources. The top package offers more than three times the top SSD host storage on our list (Castea), but lower prices across all boards. And the prices reflect good prices – not extra cheap, but not even the most expensive WordPress cloud hosting providers on our list.

5. SiteGround Cloud – Option for Beginners with Low Price:

If you have a budget, SiteGround is a good option, as it offers some of the lowest prices in the industry. It’s not generous for resources, but all packages give you a range of solid features, including bandwidth meters, free SSL, CDN access, unlimited email accounts, site migration plugins, and generally managed for WordPress core and plugin updates. Huh.

The entry-level Startup package only gives you one website, 10GB of storage, and 10,000 monthly visits, but plans with higher prices are worth a look, as it allows for unlimited sites and offers more resources and features. If you’re looking for an entry-level plan, I’d consider InMotion Hosting, as startup SiteGround is a pretty naked bone.

SiteGround has two things that facilitate using the Nginx web platform and servers. I’ll explain some of the handy features in more detail below.

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