Your site adheres to adsense programme policies Solution

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 Your site adheres to adsense programme policies Solution


I know it well, that the error that is coming, you are absolutely right from your side, yet you are not getting any definite solution for this, and you will also get how 90% of the blogger heard the name for the first time. , When I told about this Adsense rejection error. And out of the 10% blogger who got this problem, only one or two percent of the people solved it with their understanding,


this is my personal experience, this adheres to adsense programme policies & you don’t already have another adsense account error I myself have suffered for 5 months, I have had my depression disproved in about 100 times, but I did not give up, because I was convinced that there are solutions to every problem in the world, and when I am right in every way. , Then there is no question of giving up or retreating.


And I want to say one more thing, if you really want to fix this adhere adsense & you already have adsense error, then read this post comfortably twice.


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how to fix your site adheres to adsense programme policies issue, you don’t already have adsense,

Why do you have another adsense account?

If you have adherence Adsense error, then this error has nothing to do with you. But if only this one personal error is coming, then it can mean the following reasons; –
● You already have an AdSense account with the same name or address

● Or someone may have accidentally created it and subsequently deleted it permanently.
★ Note- This is the most important thing, for everyone who already has an [AdSense account] of any kind, an error is coming from the name. > If you use two Gmail id, and both of them have same name in the google account, they can also face this problem. (Meaning the address in manage my account google and adsense needs to be exact, not a single word should be small / capital, which has to be filled in the same way as written in the PAN card / Aadhaar card)
● For this you first go to Google and search “Manage my account”> Now you have to go to account info and “payment & subscriptions” option of both your email id and delete that payment detail  update new detail  and add new address .
★ Note: – The address that you filled in while creating an AdSense account, it is important that your address must be filled correctly everywhere in the [account info & payment options address] of that email id. Examples; – Date of birth, name, state, mobile number etc.

100% problem solved !!

[Fixed] your site adheres to adsense programme policies issue

Read and listen carefully to what I am saying right now, if you want to freshen your mind, then wash your mouth, because this is the only and 100% perfect way to get rid of this Adsense error, and this method will give me 8 months. Found after making thousands of mistakes, got 4-5 times after applying watt with the hands of other people of your website,

this method was found on own experience and promotion, which worked and I am telling you now.


So do not take it lightly, the best thing is that in this trick you will not need to delete your old email, that old Adsense account completely forever, while you have seen thousands of videos on this error, you have read thousands of articles. , Everyone must have said the same thing, delete the old account, which according to me is completely wrong.

If you delete the old account, then this problem will never be solved because when you have not already created an AdSense account with the same name, then why delete it? Come, now your wait is over step by step guide: –

● It is important to have 10 to 25 Quality Content articles published on your blog / website. Quality content does not mean to write long posts, but to give full information to the user about the post you are writing about. Writing posts on low competition Keyword, on which Google can show its ads. Do not write anything from your mind to approval, do whatever you wish after approval, then no one is going to stop.

● First of all go to Google and search “Manage my account”> Now you have to login with the email id from which you have created the adsense account

● Now you will see the option written “Payments and subscriptions”. > Now you have to click on payment methods.

● Now you have to click on “Settings” next to the address> Payments profile status will be written at the bottom of it, there will be a “close payment profile” button below it, clicking on that profile delete.

★ Important information ★ 【Closing your old Adsense profile will not close your entire Adsense account, only delete payment details. These are very good things, meaning payment, withdraw & any kind of problem will not come to you in future 😊👍】

● Now you log in to your AdSense account and refresh the page> Your
adheres adsense & you are already have another adsense account error will disappear>

● Now you have to re-enter the same address, which was entered earlier, remember that whatever name you will put, you must have a bank account and id card of the same name.

● Now what I am saying, this is the whole game, listen carefully> Whatever is written in address id card , in the same way without any tampering, write in big ABCD capital letter example; – XYZ RAM
CITY – Lahore, STATE – Punjab

● Note – In the same way, capital letters have to be written in google account of your adsense email in a big abcd. all information example; –
date of birth, name, state, mobile number, city, village, postcode etc.

● Apply now> Wait for 2 weeks of AdSense account reply (I got a reply in 3 days)> Finally congratulations you got AdSense approval !!!


How much loss did I have due to this AdSense error?

adsense approval trick  adsense approval problem issue error fix in 2021

Your site adheres to adsense programme policies Solution

I was able to get approval and will be able to take this blogging journey forward. If nothing changes, then probably two or three types of adsense errors that preceded the adhere adsense error would not have gone away. And I want to thank all those bloggers who helped me, but I want to explain the names of some of the losses through dots, so that you do not make these mistakes on someone’s say.

● Changing the title, permalink, subtitles deteriorated the SEO of the entire site, leading to the entire traffic per day 100 visitor to ‘0’ visitor. And this work was done twice.

● Another blogger advised that by mixing urdu+ English, the blog If you write, you will not get approval in english had to remove all the words of English from the 40 posts of the entire blog twice, it took 10 days. But the truth is, it has nothing to do with the approval.

● Category (label) post, write big, add 3 images, they all have no relationship with seo aur adsense approval, yet I had to do all this.

● Some blogger had asked me 5000 rupees to remove this error, but I didn’t even have the money to take the domain at that time + people today do not want to do anything without selfishness. Well the successful blogger said, believe in yourself, work hard and you will get Adsense approval and after 8 months of patience test, the upstairs listened to me.

● So do not forget to make any such changes in your WordPress website or blogger blog, in which you feel that this is wrong, but Forced to approve someone is getting you done.

Your site adheres to adsense programme policies Solution


Request 🙏 This problem actually removes from this post.please comment below your site adheres to ad programme don’t already have another ads account, so that other people also overcome this problem, and me too It would be nice to have your questions also written in the comment below.


I will answer them immediately. Maybe, there are many doubts related to your post, then feel free to explain your problem, and you will be helped without taking a single rupee.

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