“You can go on,” said the mother elephant.

A baby elephant in South Africa has lost its trunk. But it has also received attention from fellow humans. However, many people are concerned about whether elephants can survive in the wild or not.

The trunk is an extremely important part of an elephant. They help elephants catch food and small objects, absorb water, and even use them to communicate with other animals or fight off predators. Unfortunately, this calf lost its proboscis during its first years of life.

Watch More Videos: Poor Baby Elephant Loses His Trunk And the image that everyone sees is heartbreaking

It’s an elephant in Kruger National Park, South Africa. In this video taken here on Sept. 1, viewers can see a baby elephant with its trunk disappearing.

Kruger National Park officials said They do not know how an elephant loses its trunk. However, the cause could be a lion or crocodile attack. Elephants may also lose their trunk when trapped.

There was a case of a crocodile attacking an elephant’s trunk while the elephant was drinking water. And that may be the reason why this elephant lost a significant part of its body. said the staff here.

In fact, elephants without trunks can hardly survive long in the natural world. An adult elephant needs approximately 190 liters of water and 90 kg to 220 kg of food per day. and the risk of being hunted Therefore, the park officials are quite concerned about the fate of the little elephants.

Even if it loses its tentacles but could see that the adult elephants were all around don’t leave it alone But he was very worried about this poor elephant. This could be a positive sign that baby elephants can be helped by other animals. when it lacks food, gets lost, or when attacked by wild animals

Before this photo, many netizens couldn’t help feeling sad: “It’s just a baby elephant but it lost its limbs like this”, “Fortunately, its friends are always there to help. Don’t abandon it”, “I don’t know if I grew up being able to feed myself or not”, “Elephants are smart animals who see the shortcomings of their fellow human beings, but they still help but no one appreciates them.”

It’s unclear whether Kruger National Park officials took any action to save the elephants, but in 2016, a baby elephant named Mosha was fitted with an artificial trunk after the elephant accidentally stepped into a landmine on the Thai-Myanmar border. intend This measure should give this poor calf a new life.

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