White Hat and Black Hat SEO : Types of SEO What’s the Difference?

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White Hat and Black Hat SEO : Types of SEO What’s the Difference?


There are two types of search engine optimization (SEO). First White Hat S.E.O. (White Hat SEO) and another Black Hat S.E.O. (Black Hat SEO). Both of these work to rank your website’s ranking i.e. ranking better in the search engine results.

but ! One of these two can make your website ranking and traffic absolutely useless. If there is too much, search engines (eg google, yahoo, etc.) can also temporarily or permanently exclude your website from the search list.

Now to avoid something so terrible happening. It is important to know that White Hat S.E.O. (White Hat SEO) and Black Hat S.E.O. Which of the SEO (Black Hat SEO) would be right to use and which not.

Have you read about SEO Techniques (On Page and Off Page SEO): If not then you must read it, because by using this you can increase the ranking of your website or blog. And can bring up the search results.

1. White Hat S.E.O. (White Hat SEO)

(A) White Hat S.E.O. What is it ? : –

Every technique and process used under it, so that the ranking of a website can top the search results. All of them follow the “Rules & Policies” of every search engine in every way.
White hat SEO technology and process completely depends on “Human Audience” i.e. organic search results only. Not on search engines!
White Hat SEO is commonly used for long-term websites. It is also called “Ethical Search Engine Optimization” ie Ethical SEO.
(B) How is this technique used? : –

Designing website according to the reader.
Writing very “Niche Content”, which is satisfying for the complete reader.
Linking your other pages or posts using backlinks correctly.
Using keywords properly through keyword analysis in your post.
Sharing every post publicly, by adding your website’s social networking page (eg – facebook, youtube, twitter, etc.).
(C) Conclusion: –

It is absolutely clean and high-end technology. It will take some time, but will get permanent ranking for that long term also.

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2. Black Hat S.E.O. 

(A) Black Hat S.E.O. What is it ? : –

Every process and technique used under it directly impacts the search engine. As a result, the ranking of the website increases very quickly in search results. But they are completely against the “rules and policies” of search engines.
Black Hat S.E.O. The search engine is targeted solely on search engines.
By using Black Hat SEO you will be able to use the website only and only for a fleeting time.
Using this, search engines will block your website for “a few days or forever”.
This is called “unethical search engine optimization” or “spamdexing”.
(B) How is this technique used? : –

Using Keyword Stuffing – Using keywords more than required (more than 1-2%).
Hiding Text.
To color a word, to color the background of a page.
Writing Duplicate Content – Writing a completely different post than the title of the post.
By tagging the unrelated keyword – such as the topic is related to medical and related to the engineering of the tags.
A special “Url. Sell ​​your links on your website to increase the ranking of a URL’s page.
Page swapping – means to change a website completely after its ranking increases.
Using Meta & Java Script Redirects in a cool way.
Through the doorway page.
Through cloaking.
(C) Conclusion: –

This is a very vicious way but the result is very frightening. Some people use it as a low-level technique. It gives good ranking in very short time, but is “Unsteady and Short-Term”.

True and false facts about White and Black Hat SEO

The reality is that all the search engines keep changing their algorithm some day. So the question arises that white and black S.E.O. Can any technology or process used in IT ever change? Recently there has been a news that Google has invented a new algorithm, which is Black Hat S.E.O. Belongs to the community. Whose name is being called “Fred” (Unconfirmed Google Ranking Update). In such a situation, it would be prudent to use the most accurate and correct method for all of us.

So with this, today’s Topic White Hat S.E.O. And Black Hat S.E.O. Putting the words of this, I hope that you will find this information very enlightening. And at the same time, you must write to me in the comment box that how much today’s knowledge was right and wrong for you. Thank you!

Thank you !

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