When the cobra takes revenge The horror behind human cruelty (clip)

There was a large black cobra, a king cobra, in the forest. But one day an evil hunter caught it and sold it to the zoo.

Nằm mơ thấy rắn đen - Giấc mơ bí ẩn hé lộ điều sắp xảy Ra

In zoos, cobras live in small cages. Imprisoned day and night and lose its power He was desperate and did not want to live any longer.

But one day there was a chance to take revenge. Another hunter enters the zoo and releases another snake into its cage. This snake was a venomous snake and it bit it.

Những chuyện kinh dị về loài rắn khổng lồ bí ẩn ở núi Cấm

But that was the cobra’s salvation. because when it bites It was injected with a powerful poison which caused it to regain its strength.

5 loài rắn khổng lồ nhất Ấn Độ

The cobra then breaks through its cage and attacks the evil hunter. It used its full strength to attack and defeat the vicious predator.

Dân ùn ùn xem mẹ con "Run Than" xuất hiện trên mộ vô danh - Bao Người Lao Động

Finally, the cobra returned to the forest and became a stronger king. It always remembered the cruelty humans had done to it. and will never forgive those who hurt it.

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