When a female snake gives birth in a village in Uttar Pradesh state India Villagers make mistakes (video)

In a village in Uttar Pradesh India A serpent who wishes to give birth to a child. However, the villagers make a mistake and earn a lot of money. This underscores the superstition that still exists in some parts of the country.

The news of the Naga’s birth quickly spread throughout the village. People flocked from all over to see the child. and many prayed to the serpent. sрігіtѕ to go to the village

The villagers were disgusted and decided to raise the boy. They went to the snake’s house, took the child, and ate it. The snake was bitten by her child and swore to eat the villagers.


The agency created a furor across the country. With many people condemning the actions of the villagers. It emphasizes the need for education and awareness to dispel the superstitions and myths that are still prevalent in parts of India.

It is important to understand that superstitions have no scientific basis and can lead to serious consequences. It is our responsibility to promote scientific thinking and rationality.

In summary, the village communities of Uttar Pradesh highlight their superstition and the need for education and awareness. It is very important to foster rationality and scientific thinking. and discarding the unreasonable to ensure the well-being and progress of society

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