What should women do to be superior to men according to the Kama Sutra?

When a well-qualified girl with a good family name, despite being born in a humble family or lack of possessions Therefore, there is no need for comparable items. or an orphan girl or being taken from their parents Her family and caste, should want to marry her own when she gets older, such a woman should try to win over a handsome and good-looking young man, or someone she thinks will marry her because of her weakness. His mind and even without the consent of his parents.

You should do this in such a way as to make yourself endearing to that person, and you should meet him often. Her mother should have met them through her female friend and her nurse’s daughter.

The girl herself should try to associate with her lover somewhere quiet, and on occasion should give him flowers, betel nuts, betel leaves and perfume.

She should also show her skills in healing arts, in washing her hair, in shampooing and in hammering nails. In addition, she should talk to him about the subject he likes the most. And talk to him about ways and methods to win the girl’s heart

But older authors say that even if the girl loves the man very much, But she shouldn’t present herself or show herself first. because a young woman doing this would lose her dignity. and are prone to insults and ridicule.

But when a man expresses a desire to have fun with her She should like him and shouldn’t act differently when he embraces her. and should receive all his affectionate expressions as if she were indifferent to his state of mind .

Moreover, only if she is sure that she is truly loved and that she is truly devoted to her and will not change his mind. She should turn herself in to him and persuade him to marry her as soon as possible. She should tell a secret friend about it.

End women’s attempts to subdue men.

There are also some chapters on this subject:

“A highly desirable girl should marry a man she likes. and someone she thought would obey her and be able to please her.

But when her parents married a rich man out of wealth, regardless of the groom’s personality or appearance. or when given to a man with many wives She had never been attached to that man at all. Although he was equipped with good qualities. Obey her commands, be active, healthy, healthy and to please her in every way possible.

An obedient husband but also his own master. Even if he doesn’t look good is better than a husband with many women. Although he is handsome and attractive.

The wives of polygamous millionaires are generally not tied to their husbands. and not a secret to them and though they have all the outward joys of life But still able to ask for help from other men.

An arrogant man who is of high social status and who values ​​travel a lot is not worthy of marrying. both those who have wives and many children or those who devote themselves to sports and having fun and those who come to their wives only when they please.

Among the lovers of the girl He only had her real husband who possessed the qualities she liked. And such a husband would really be happier than her. because he is the husband of love.”

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