What is Web Hosting? Where to buy the best and cheapest Web Hosting

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What is Web Hosting? Where to buy the best and cheapest Web Hosting


What is Web Hosting and how can I buy good and cheap hosting from this question, almost everyone wants to know the answer. What is Web Hosting service after all and why Hosting is required to create a website. Why hosting is necessary to create a blog on WordPress. If you want to know the answers of all these questions, then read this post carefully. You will get complete information


Hosting is required to run both the website and the blog. In this post, I am telling you from the details about what hosting is and how it works. Why does website blog require hosting?

First of all we will know what is internet and how it works. Because after knowing the internet, you will also understand Web Hosting very well.


The Internet is a network of interconnected computers that exist around the world. Internet means connecting with each other. When you record and transfer information or data from your computer with another computer user’s, both of you become a small network. We can call it internet. Similarly, if you connect two mobiles too, they will also be called part of the Internet.


Today the Internet has made so much progress that so many computers across the world are connected to each other, which we cannot even count. That is why the Internet is also called a web. By the way, we could not see the information of other user’s computer because everyone’s personal information is secure. But if you wish, anyone can see your information


Today a lot of software has been made for this. With which we can see the details of the other computer and also work on it and solve any software problem. Perhaps you have heard about it that we can repair someone else’s computer from our computer.

So now you must have come to know that online is the internet to connect each other computers. Now let’s talk about web hosting.


What is Web Hosting and How to Buy Good and Affordable Hosting

Web Hosting is a service that allows our website organizations and individuals information (post and pages) on the Internet. A web host or Web Hosting Provider is required for the website to run (show) on the Internet. Which shows our site’s posts and pages on the Internet



The person who shows our website on the Internet is not a human being but a computer which is always on 24 * 7. In this computer, the data of our site remains Stored and Hosted. Whenever someone opens our site, this computer opens the content of our site in front of the user in his computer. This computer is called a server. And it speeds up the work of accessing data to the users, it is called server speed.


When a user wants to read any information on your website, then he opens the Adresse of that information in Internet Browser on his computer. As soon as the URL of your site is opened, its computer sends its notification to your site’s server and your server reads the information and provides it the information to which it has opened the link. This work happens so soon that we can’t even blink


A lot of Hosting Company likes to host with their domain. But if you already have a domain, then you can connect the two together by connecting the domain’s DNS address to the hosting server.


So friends, now you know what web hosting is and how it works. That is, all the data of our website is saved with the hosting company. And when we open the site, the hosting server shows you the page you want to see


Can I host my website in my Personal Computer?

What is Web Hosting? Where to buy the best and cheapest Web Hosting
Yes, you can. But for this, you should have complete knowledge of making a website and you should be an expert in it.

You should know how the World Wide Web ie www works. And how does ww software work to show website files to internet users


You must have such a huge network of computers. With which you can provide good and more bandwidth to the website and control all the idata of your website.


Your computer network should be on all the time which works 24 * 7 and should never be closed. At the time your computer shuts down, your site will also be shut down. Meaning you will not open on the Internet. If you have a slow connection, you cannot do it at all. You must have a reliable Internet connection running for it.


Most importantly, you should have a good experience of it. So that you don’t make a mistake anywhere

If you have all these facilities, then you can host your own computer on your website. But it will cost lakhs of rupees. So you can get good and correct hosting in 400 or 500 rupees a month.


Why is hosting required for a website or blog?

From the above mentioned things, you must have easily understood what web hosting is and why it is necessary for a website. If not then I can explain you about web hosting in your simple language here.


Just as you need a home to live, hosting is needed to store the data of the website.
Web hosting is like a memory card in which we can host all the data of our site. Just like we store our videos, music and movies in memory card.


We may not have the entire facility to host the website. So we have to get hosting from other companies.
If our site gets deleted due to any reason, we can get its backup on the hosting site.
Starting does not cause much traffic to your site. Therefore, if you build your site by buying less money hosting, you will benefit.
So now you must have understood everything about web hosting. So that’s why we talk about where to buy more hosting

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Where to buy web hosting and from which company?


The website on which we buy hosting. Our site is hosted on it and our site’s server is the same. On this server, we can buy any number of places according to our own. This place is measured in MB and GB


I would suggest you to buy hosting with unlimited Bandwidth and unlimited storage. So that you do not have any problem in future because when more readers come to your site then our site becomes slow due to less Bandwidth. That’s why choose unlimited plan


The company which has 24 * 7 support and complete facility to host the website. She provides hosting to us on some charges according to the year, this gives benefits to those companies and we also get hosting for less money.


There are many companies providing web hosting on the Internet. But there are few that provide good service to us in real, like Hostinger and Bluehost are the most popular and better service hosting companies. And the best part is that it remains active full time


Here I am telling you some tips that you should buy hosting from a company only by following: –


24 * 7 Support: The company you are buying hosting from, supports 24 * 7

Customer Care: Customer care should support your language on the hosting website. If you ever have a problem, you can call Customer Care and get help.

Disk space: You are getting good hosting for less money. Such as unlimited storage, unlimited bandwidth, unlimited domain and unlimited email

Better Service: A site with hosting provides better service. This time Hostinger and Bluehost are the best.

Up time: You are getting good speed from the hosting company. That is, your website should be fast loading and open fast.

Apart from this, you should buy hosting from the company from which you get better service. If you ask me about this, I will recommend you to Hostinger or Bluehost. My favorite web hosting providing company is

Bluehost. com


Apart from these, there are many sites. But I am telling you this because it is the most popular and provides better service.


But if you have started blogging now and your budget is low, then I tell you about a new hosting company which I do it myself, this company gives you very good hosting at a very cheap rate. In 10 rupees a month, you will get hosting here, you will also get hosting for lifetime for Rs 65. This website is also on this hosting, if you want to get hosting from here, then click on the link below and see the entire plan. Can!


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