What is VPN?(Virtual private network) How does a VPN work? VPN type

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What is VPN?(Virtual private network) How does a VPN work? VPN type 


Do you know what is vpn . Perhaps few people know what is VPN  but very few people will know about the type of VPN .
Today, through this post, we will know what VPN is and how VPN works and how many types of VPN are there.

Friends! Many times when we use computers or WiFi in school and colleges or in a coffee shop, and a person, when we want to visit a website like a downloading website, social media or even try to visit the website. If it happens many times that we are unable to visit some websites and we start to show ‘Error’ because it happens because that website is blocked by our Network Providers.

With the help of VPN you can open Blocked Websites easily. But how correct is it to visit Sites using VPN? On the Internet, you will get both free and Paid VPN service, but you should know about the advantages and disadvantages of VPN. Only then you will be able to use it properly.



First of all, know what is VPN 

VPN that we are going to know today is a short form, do you know what the full form of VPN is.
Full form of VPN = Virtual Private Network
Full name of VPN = Virtual Private Network

VPN is a network technology using which you can make your Public Network (Internet) or Private Network (WiFi) more secure.

When you enter a web address (Ex: Google.com) and try to visit that website, the first request is our ISP (Internet Service Provider) like BSNL, Airtel etc. And then from there the ISP sends our request to Google.com’s server but if our ISP has blocked that site (for example we have assumed Google.com) then our request will be Will not go ahead and we will not be able to visit our website.

In such condition, we take help of VPN. VPN makes us a second IP address and with the help of that we open Block Sites as well.

VPN changes your IP address. With the help of VPN, you can search or download anything without showing anything to a Network Provider. Meaning it makes you hide.

Whatever search you do, it goes to Network Providers as a Data Bundle and due to Data Encryption it is not blocked and you can easily visit Block Websites.

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How VPN works

Most people use VPN in 2 ways – (Virtual private network)First, by installing Apps in their Smartphone.
Second – by adding extensions to the browser.

When we connect our Smartphone or our Browser to VPN. And then when we try to visit a website, first our request goes to the server of that VPN and then from that server to another website that we wanted to visit.

In this way our ISP (Internet Service Provider) is not able to know which website we have visited because all they know is that we are just visiting the server of that VPN and not any Block Website. To.

When we reach the VPN server, the VPN server knows which website we want to visit and sends it to that website.

Since there is no site block in the country where it is VPN, which we want to visit, then we get that site easily.

And in this way we visit that block website with the help of VPN without informing the ISP (Internet Service Provider).
But the thing to know is how ISPs block a site. Let’s know

How ISP Block Websites: How ISP blocks a website

Full form of ISP = Internet Service Provider
ISP Full Form = Internet Service Provider

When we try to visit a site, first the address of that site goes to our ISP and if the ISP has to block that site, then they do not give way to the server IP of that site in front of the ISP Broadband gives the IP of the Router or its own server in front of the address of its site.

With which our request never reaches the server of that site, and remains on our ISP’s server, from which that site is considered as Ban or Block by ISP.

Let us understand by example, which will make us understand more.

Suppose the ISP has to ban or block Google.com in India on the orders of the Government of India.
Now, whenever we enter Google.com in our browser, then the request before our device (Mobile, Tablet or Computer) will go to our ISP (BSNL, Jio, Airtel, Vodafone) that we will use Google.com (whose service IP is, but this address has been banned by ISP. ISP will never send your request to Google’s server and you will not be able to visit this site.

How to Unblock VPN Websites

VPN does not unblock sites but bypass that security. But let’s understand how it does.
After ‘ON’ VPN, when we request to visit any Block Sites, then that VPN shows its VPN Server IP by not showing the address (Server IP) of that site and ISP thinks it If we just want to visit the server of that VPN, then the ISP gives us a way to go ahead.

When our request reaches VPN server, VPN forward that request to our site (which we were trying to visit) and then take the information from there and come to our VPN server and then the VPN server should have that information The server comes to us with the help of IP.

In this entire sequence, the ISP (Internet Service Provider) feels that we are taking information from that VPN server
And that VPN server is not banned, in this way we use Block Sites with the help of VPN.

Type of VPN (Virtual private network)

By the way, if there is no big category of VPN, then people have given it categories according to their understanding.
Primarily, the VPN is divided into three parts, meaning VPN has three types.

Remote access
Intranet-Based Site-to-Site
Extranet-Based Site-to-Site

We (General Person) mean that an individual user mostly uses Remote Access VPN whereas Site-to-Site VPN over any Business, Factory or similar where more people want to use same VPN simultaneously. Is used.

Conclusion (Virtual private network)

You must have understood the things we talked about in this post.

We have to know today what is VPN,how VPN works. The 3 types of VPNs that we have told about types of VPNs , we will explain them separately in our upcoming posts.

We have tried our best to convince you with the help of example, if you still have any complaints or questions, then you can ask us in the Comment Box.

Suggestion: Use VPN to protect your privacy.

Never do any illegal work by using VPN because VPN companies provide illegal documents done by you using their VPN at the behest of the government or any legal officer. For this reason, hackers are arrested when a site or server is hacked by hackers.

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