What is the value of a wrongful arrest case?

We live in a law-abiding society. And if anyone breaks the law or uses it in a bad way, they will be punished. All they have to do is prove that they have acted or abused the law. One such law is the case of wrongful arrest. Here is a guide to the value of filing a wrongful arrest lawsuit.

This lawsuit can help you get paid for this fraud. Wrongful arrest is when police arrest the wrong person for a crime. The arrests occurred only in Bang Yai Ma. or if civilians violate the law Here is more information on the topic of wrongful arrest lawsuits.


What constitutes wrongful arrest?

These are the conditions for wrongful arrest. If you are arrested in one of the situations below: You have the right to file a wrongful arrest lawsuit. This law could be very dangerous to police and opponents of the law.

The following are conditions that constitute wrongful arrest.

  1. If you are arrested for doing something that is not illegal, for example if you are arrested for photographing a police officer. It is considered an illegal arrest.
  2. If you are arrested for providing false information by someone
  3. When you are arrested without a warrant
  4. If the police do not have valid evidence to arrest you.
  5. When you are arrested because of the color of your skin, your ethnicity, and your religion.
  6. When the police detain you for a long time without valid proof.
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Therefore, if you fall into any of these categories, you have the right to file a wrongful arrest lawsuit. In other cases, the charges will be dismissed in court. Therefore, you need to make sure that this condition should exist.

What damages can you file in a wrongful arrest case?

If you are filing a lawsuit You will need to choose the appropriate damages you want to cover. There are many types of damages you can file a lawsuit for. And the final money you will receive will depend on these damages. Together you can replenish all this damage. But you should have evidence of all these damages.

#1. Economic damage

Illicit terror can have serious financial consequences. Individuals may become unemployed or face difficulty in obtaining employment in pregnancy due to ridicule related to misidentification. Loss of income both now and in pregnancy It is a significant portion of the damages that result in profits in these cases.

The court may consider any claim made for any form of relief, consolation, or relief required to address the fate of the unlawful arrest.

#2. Character damage

In a world where characters have enormous value Images spoiled by illegal seizure cannot be recovered. In addition to the immediate consequences of job loss, The damage to their reputation can also hinder their ability to rebuild their lives.

Compensatory damage to character is subjective and difficult to quantify. But it remains an important factor in determining the overall value of an unlawful seizure.

#3. Compensation for damages

Remedial damages are a form of punishment for the party responsible for the unlawful arrest. These damages are intended to discourage similar gestures.

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In the future there will be clear communication about the consequences of negligence or misconduct within the justice system. Although repair damage is not always guaranteed. But it can greatly increase the value of the action. It acts as a disturbance to the shaft that has not yet been formed.

Factors that can increase the value of a case

Certain factors can increase the value of a case. Make sure you consider these factors before filing a lawsuit.

  1. It is important to have solid evidence with you. Then the value of the case increases and even the settlement value increases.
  2. If there is any injury to the victim Make sure you have proof, such as medical bills and all, for these injuries.
  3. If you have a criminal record it can be against you. So make sure your previous background is clear. Otherwise, it will not be of any benefit to you.
  4. If you have video footage of police behavior that is inappropriate for you, You can then increase the value of the settlement as well as the lawsuit.

Penalties for wrongful arrest

It is important to understand the final destination of a wrongful arrest. The final punishment depends on the severity and many other factors. Here’s what might happen to other police officers. If they commit a crime

  1. Resigning from government service on time
  2. Pay compensation to the injured person.
  3. If there is a deal, the money will be high.
  4. Also pay the fine to the court.
  5. Permanently resigned from government service

How much money can you receive in a wrongful arrest case?

It is not possible to know exactly how much the wrongful arrest case is worth becauseThe money you will receive from your lawsuit will depend on the damage the police have done to the victim. Victims can receive compensatory damages in the amount of $1,000 and over $1 million as well. But it depends on each person.

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Therefore, if you think that you will be sued for 1 million baht, it is impossible. It happens only if the damage is greater. Therefore, each person will receive a different amount of damages according to each case.


In summary, what is the value of a wrongful arrest case? This guide will help you learn more about filing a wrongful arrest lawsuit. If you are going to file a lawsuit in this case You should know the basis and under what conditions you can file this case.

So make sure you follow these as is. Do not attempt to file a wrongful arrest lawsuit or you will be in serious trouble.

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