What is the Long Tail keyword – full information 2021

What Are Long-tail Keywords?

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What is the Long Tail keyword – full information 2021


Hello friends, are you a blogger and you want to know that what is long tail keyword, How to use long tail keyword, you must have known friends in your blog / website. Before writing a post, keywords research has to be done to get your post ranked.

There are many types of keywords. But long tail keywords are the most profitable for blog posts.

So on this post I will tell you about the long tail keywords what is long tail keyword, and why it is important to use it on a blog post.


what is long tail keyword


It is very easy to understand what is long tail keyword. Keywords of blog post can also be in 1 or 2 keywords. By which we say short tail keyword. But the keywords which have more than 3 and 4 keywords are called long tail keywords.


As if you are writing a post ‘make money online, then it will have short tail keyword “make money”. And by writing posts on it, it will be very difficult to rank top and bring traffic to your blog.


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But if you use long tail keywords i.e. make money online in urdu, online earning from blog, you will keep this world in the keywords of your blog post, then such keywords will increase the organic traffic of your blog and your blog will also rank high Will be. And there is more possibility of the post coming to the top.

Because there is very little competition on such keywords. And with long tail keywords you can increase your site ranking and visitors very quickly.


There are many tools to search long tail keyword. And it has many advantages.
So use Long tail keywords on every blog post of yours. This will give your blog post a good position on easily search results.

Finally you must have understood ? But if you have any question related to this post, you can ask on the comment box below. I would like to help you.
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