What is the full form of ATM? -Automated Teller Machine


What is the full form of ATM? -Automated Teller Machine


Friends, do you know What is the full form of ATM? If you know then it is fine, but if you do not know then this post today is for you all. In this post, today we will also tell you the ATM full form .as well as what else can be done by it apart from the money, and which INPUT device machine and which output device is installed in it.

What is the full form of ATM?

ATM Full Form – Automated Teller Machine. ATM is an electro-mechanical which is used to withdraw money from a bank account. These machines are used to withdraw money from a personal bank account.
This makes the banking process very easy as these machines are automatic and there is no need of human cashier for the transaction. This machine can be of two types; One with basic functions where you can withdraw cash and another with more advanced functions where you can deposit cash.

The first ATM was used by Chemical Bank in New York (USA) in 1969 to withdraw cash for customers.

Basic ATM Parts

ATM is a user friendly machine. It offers various input & output devices to enable people to easily withdraw cash or cash deposit. The basic input & output device of ATM is given below:

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Input Device:

Card Reader: This input device reads the data of the card which is stored in the magnetic stripe on the back side of the ATM card. When the card is swipe or inserted in the given location, the card reader captures the account details and sends it to the server. Allows to withdraw cash based on account detail and orders received from user server.

Keypad: It helps the user to provide the information asked by the machine such as personal identification number, quantity of cash, receipt required or not, etc. PIN number is sent to the server in encrypted form.

Output Device :

Speakers: It is provided to give audio feedback  when a key is pressed.

Display Screen / Touch Screen: It displays information related to the transaction on the screen. It shows the steps of cash withdrawal one by one in sequence. It can be a CRT screen or an LCD screen.

Printer: It provides you a receipt with printed transaction detail on it. It tells you the date and time of the transaction, withdraw amount, balance amount etc.

Cash Dispenser: It is the main output device of ATM because it disputes cash. The high precision sensors provided at the ATM allow the cash dispenser to withdraw the right amount of cash required by the user.

What can be done with ATM

Now-a-days, ATM has a lot of functionality along with its original usage of cash withdraw. some of them are:

    • Cash and Check Deposit
    • fund transfer
    • Cash Withdrawal and Balance Inquiry
    • PIN change and mini statement
    • Bill payment and mobile recharge etc.


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