What is SSL certificate?Why SSL Certificates are Important

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What is SSL certificate?Why SSL Certificates are Important


Hello friends, in this post today we are going to talk about SSL Certificate. After all, what is an SSL certificate, why is it necessary for our website۔you must have heard about the SSL certificate from the Internet or any person, but you would not have got full information about it, so no matter today you have complete information In details,


we will tell you what an SSL Certificate is, why all this website is necessary, what it does and how SSL Certificate is kept in the website, how safe is our website.

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What is SSL certificate?

SSL is full form (Secure Sockets Layer) SSL is only a certificate layer of the website which gives us the signal that our website is completely secure. Nowadays Google is also bringing such website in rank because Google always Since Google wants to keep its users safe, Google does not want to damage their users’ personal information,


so Google has given more importance to those websites which have installed on their website.

How to apply free SSL certificate

In today’s time, there are many websites which provide free SSL certificate. If your website is on Blogger, then Google has issued free SSL certificate for all its bloggers۔some time back.if your website is on WordPress۔you can use Free SSL Certificate of Cloudflare CDN۔while there are some websites which provide Paid SSL Certificate such as Godaddy, Comodo, Hostgator etc.


In today’s time, it is very important to have an SSL certificate for the website because the SSL Certificate provides security to our website and the data of our website remains secure. We hope you have understood what an SSL Certificate is and for the website. Why it is necessary to read similar posts, subscribe to our website’s newsletter today.

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