What is Reface App? How to use Reface app?

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What is Reface App?

Hello friends, welcome to pakurdutube.com today we will tell you what is the Reface App and kaise using the Reface app and will tell you about similar things, to know about this article from the beginning to the end. Must read till
So friends, first of all, let us tell you that Reface App was launched in December 2019 and then it was not such a Popular app, then by October 2020 people started liking it and till now 10 million people have installed it.

What is Reface App?

Reface is an app in which you can change your face to the face of any Hollywood and Bollywood (actress, actors). In simple language, it means that in the video of any actress, actor, you can put your face on their face and you can also save it in your phone.
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You can also share the videos made by Reface App anywhere. Let us know that this is an entertainment app in which you can transform your face into the face of actor and actress. And will also tell you that it is available in the Play Store as well and it is just 11 MB of applicability. Due to its low size, it will not take much storage in your phone.

How to Install ?

you have to first open the App store or Play store in your phone and then search the Reface app there, after that the app will come in front of you and you can install it from there. |
Let us tell you that many Duplicate apps like this have also come in the Play store. If you want to install Official Reface App, then click on the option of Install given below.


How to use ?

First of all you have to open the Reface App, then after that there will be a Get Started option, click on it.the next page will open in which you can select the photo in which you want to make a video, by taking a gallery or taking a photo of your phone.
Now your Reface App Video is ready to be made. Now you can make a video with your face using any video from here.

Make Video in the Reface App?

To make a video on the Reface app, first of all, look up the right side to see if your photo is there or not.then click on it and select your photo, if your photo is already there then you can directly on the video. Click
Now you have to wait for some time. Now your video will be created.you can see the video below, there will be the option of Save To Gallery, click on it, after clicking, your video will be saved in your phone’s gallery.
If you want to share this video in your friends or Instagram story, then you can click on the Icon of the below share, so friends, you can make a video with your face.


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