What is pi network? What are the benefits of a pi network?

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What is pi network? What are the benefits of a pi network?


Friends, people do a lot to earn money, and everyone earns money, but how much? Everyone tries to earn money on his level, either he earns a lot of money from which his life passes like kings or those who are able to earn less, their life passes like that.

Every poor man dreams of becoming rich and tries too, but becoming rich is not an easy thing. No matter how hard you try, you will never be able to earn as much money as you want. The hard worker is the donkey and the smartwork + hard worker is the real player.

Friends, I am going to tell you about such a trick which is quite easy and you have to waste your money and time.
Friends, we call this the PI network, which is known as PIONEERS.

What is pi network?

pi is a new cryptocurrency (eg bitcoin) which we also call digital money. Like we use our own country’s currency, which are made by our government and secured by the bank.

Likewise, pi is a digital money that is not created by any bank or government but by the creation and securitization of a particular community. The pi currency is earned by mining of pi coins. It is constructed by 2 phd and mba student of stanford who conduct it.

How to earn pi coin?

It is very easy to earn pi coin, you just have to have a smartphone. All you need to do is install pi application from google playstore in your smartphone, through which you can earning pi coins.

Here you just have to earn pi coins by becoming a contributor. You will be seen earning pi coins at a particular speed every second, which will continue continuously, you just have to press the activate button once in 24 hours.

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What is the benefit of pi coin?

No one can tell the benefits of pi coins at this time because it is a cryptocurrency. But do you know that there may be a possibility of it benefitting in the future as Bitcoin was a big hit later. No one can tell the value of it till the time mining is on.

This project depends on you, our cooperation and hard work. If successful, then we can get an opportunity to earn money and that too a lot of money. We just have to wait and continue mining.

Friends, you think that as bitcoin was once at the level of today’s pi which went today, we have to have faith in pi because in future it is likely to boom like bitcoin. So you keep mining in this Any money and time will be taken from you. You can join my team using this invitation code.
INVITATION CODE; pakurdutube

how to use pi

Before using pi, you have to install download OA on your android phone from pi app play store. To claim your Pi, follow this link https://minepi.com/pakurdutube and use my username (pakurdutube) as your invitation code.
On clicking the link above, you will get a pi application and install it. You must sign up as soon as you install it and remember that while signing up

1-You have to enter your real name
2- You have to remember your username and password
3- You have to verify your facebook account with real name
4- You have to verify your mobile number which is on your name.
5- You never have to create a fake account

After signup, you have to enter the invitation code which is pakurdutube and your mining will start, you just have to hit the mining button every 24 hours. You have to manually start mining every 24 hours.

You will see the symbol of a security shield 3 days after the mining starts, you will have to activate it. To activate, you will not have to connect at least 3-5 contributor by giving your invitation code. When your security circle becomes 100%, then your mining speed will increase significantly and you will earn more and more pi coin in less time.

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