What is Google RankBrain? Full information 2021

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What is Google RankBrain? Full information 2021


What is Google RankBrain? Google has a lot of algorithms that many people do not know. This is a Google Ranking Factor, which is used in Google Hummingbird. If your website does not know how to write an article according to RankBrain, then you have come to the right place. In the post we will tell you what is Google RankBrain?

Here you have been told the complete information of what is Google RankBrain.

Let’s start by step.

What is Google RankBrain?

RankBrain is a “Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence” (AI) system that works in mathematical language, focusing on the RankBrain queries process.

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What is Artificial Intelligence?

In Artificial Intelligence, the computer teaches you, in Artificial Intelligence, the human gives some instructions and does the work himself by following the machine rules on the basis of it. When a user searches a query in the search engine, RankBrain asks him to tries to give the best result.


The website which follows all the things of SEO and whose backlinks, keywords, domain authority, and the same result comes on the first page. RankBrain is not an algorithm or robot. Google is “Hummingbird’s update” means it is a ranking factor . Like Google has 200 factors.


RankBrain was lunch on 26 October 2015, with the help of this, Google Search Engine has given the best relevant results to the users.


How Google RankBrain Works

Rank Brain follows two things.


  • RankBrain understands search queries
  • Measures the satisfaction of the reader

# 1. When the user was searching for any queries worn by the arrival of Rank Brain, then 15% keyword list would not show.

For example: If you search in Google “fastest bike in the world”. To google will top such page which will have “fastest”, “bike”, “world” keyword.

Now RankBrain does 100% accurate result. Means such a result which has all the information and the reader can make society better than that, RankBrain tops the same page.


#2. The second factor is that if many people like a page more, the ranking of its page gets boosted, that is, that page gradually gets topped.

If many people do not like a page, means that by opening the website and close it quickly, then the rank of that page goes down, and the website below it goes up.

For example: If a post on my website will not be liked by the people, its rankBrain ranking will keep going down slowly and the website below me will be up.

What does RankBrain Depends on


  • Bounce rate
  • Dwell time
  • Click-Through-Rate


In the same way, if you apply in the blog, your website rank will definitely increase. If you apply these Saro tips today, the result will come in a few days. The work may take 3 to 6 months to increase.

How to Optimize according to Blog RankBrain?


If your content is not according to RankBrain, then your content ranking may be down. To avoid this, you should pay attention to your content. Here you have been given the top 10 tips so that RankBrain will never down your website ranking.


1. Considered Keyword Stuffing

Whenever you use the keyword in content, pay attention to the fact that do not repeat any keyword much, it speaks keyword stuff.

I do not repeat more than 2% keyword in a post, meaning if I write 1000+ words in a post, then a keyword should not repeat more than 2%.


2. Short URLs Use

If the link of your website page and post is very big, then there is no problem, your website will never come on the top page. RankBrain gives such post a low rank. Therefore, use only the main keyword in the URLs of the post and page. You should not use more than 4-5 words in URLs.

You can see the link of the whole post of this blog of mine, you can also see the URL’s of big blogs like “Neil Patel”, “Backlinko”, they all use short URLs.


3. Write Long and In-Depth Content

Writing long content has many advantages and RankBrain long content is a positive single mind.

  • You can use more and more keywords in long content.
  • By writing long content, users will spend maximum time in your post.
  • Writing long content will also help your bounce rate.
  • Very Longer content = Best Dwell Time

4. Use to Many Subheader

If you write long content, then you should also write a lot of subheading. Just as I have written content in 1000+ words in this article, I have written a lot of sub headings, it is necessary to write different sub heading of every topic. Such readers are easy to read.


5. Always Write Content For Users not for Search Engine

Whenever you write content, you write articles keeping the reader in mind. Keep in mind whether your article reader is coming from a good society or not. If the reader feels your content, he will definitely share your content and on your blog Will come again


6. Share on social media

It has been seen that if your blog post is more and more shared on social media, RankBrain considers it low, and up your website in the search engine. If you share your post in social media, then there is no benefit from it. .

RankBrain ups its post in the search engine, which has been shared by more and more readers in social media.


7. Use LSI Keywords in Content

What is LSI? What is an LSI keyword?

LSI keywords are words and phrases i related to the main topic of your content’s.


Why is LSI Keywords Important?

Using large scale integration makes it easy to understand Rankbrain which topic your post is related to.

For example: If I write a post about “latest bike” then my LSI keyword will be of this type.

New latest bike
 bike in the world
Latest bike prices

And if RankBrain will see this entire LSI in your post, then that society will go. You have written a good article about the latest bike i. And that will increase the ranking of your post.

LSI keyword you can search with Lsigraph, just enter the keywords related to your article and search.

The second way is that if you write the topic of your post in Google, you will find a lot of LSI keywords in Google’s Footer.


8. Write Proper Title

Many people do not pay attention to this, they write proper article but the foot does not pay much attention to the title. A best title is also very important for RankBrain means, Rankbrain tops the one whose article and title is best. .

For proper title, definitely use the number in it.

9. Not Write Content like Robot

Never write such content, so that there is such a robot in reading, you should write such a content as if you are chatting with someone.

People like this content more. Use bullet point in content as well. When writing in any topic, you should try to understand the depth and use all these words in jada “you”, “your”, “in”.


10. Use (Brackets and Parentheses)

This is the best way to get CTR. You must use Brackets and Parentheses in the title. A survey has found that using both of these in the title leads to a 33% CTR increase and this is also the rank for RankBrain.


11. Use Number in Title

Buzzsumo survey has found that if you use numbers in the title, then you will get more CTR, means people like it more.

For Example: You see the title of this post, I have used the number in it. It is very important to have a work number 1 in the title of every post.

12. Use (Sprinkle Power Words) Into Your Title

Power words means words which are emotional. Such word readers are very fond of it. You can increase CTR by using power words.


13. Write Best Description

Many people do not pay attention to the description of the post, writing well. If you use the Yoast plugin, then you get an option to write a description separately. When writing your description, you must write the Emotional word in the description carefully.

Just like you will use an emotional word in the title add, similarly use the emotional word in the description.


Use Number in Description

This is also very important, you must use the number in the description. Use the target keyword in the description. Whenever you write the description, write the target keyword in the course.

This will increase the CTR of your post. Many people want to see that the keyword search engine that is searched is in your description or not, if it is a keyword then it is very expensive.

14. Use Short Intro (Maximum 5-10 sentence)

Whenever you start writing an article, write a short introduction in the beginning, because 90% of people decide from reading your intro, how your article will be. In many blogs, you must have seen that people write a lot about intro, The reader does not like long intro.


15. Try Facebook Ads

Facebook ads are a premium way for traffic lane on the website. Before using Facebook ads it is very important to have all these things.

Must have facebook fan page
Facebook fan page must have at least 100 like
Your blog should have at least 15-20 posts.
What is Google Rankbrain in your blog and affiliate link should be added.

Only after all this, if you think of using Facebook ads, you will benefit more than the amount of money you put in Facebook.



What is Google Rankbrain and how is the article adapted from it? How did you like the article? If you have any question related to RankBrain, you must tell in the comment box, if you feel this article, then definitely share it and bookmark this website. Such important information will be shared with you.

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