What is an OEM full form? Original Equipment Manufacturers

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What is an OEM full form? Original Equipment Manufacturers


What is an OEM full form? Often you will wonder why the phone of a branded company is so expensive and local companies or Chinese phones are so cheap. So it is caused by oem & odm. And we will tell you that What is an OEM full form? original equipment manufacturers. How products are made in the world of electronics. Who is the original equipment manufacturers Who is the original design manufacturers How do you get to see rebranded and copy phones.


OEM FULL FORM– original equipment manufacturers

No company in the world makes all the parts of what it produces. Or in other words, no company can make all the things of its product itself.

For example, suppose you have a dell laptop. So what do you think that all the parts inside the laptop like motherboard, ram, hard disk, processor, all have been made by dell company itself.

Or assume that the iPhone is a great phone from the apple company. The apple company has made it in its factory. No company can make all the parts of its product. She asks for some parts from other companies.
Here you have to take care of two things. One OEM concept and another ODM concept

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OEM concept-

The full name of OEM is original equipment manufacturers. Suppose I have to make a product, such as a smartphone, or a motherboard, or anything. But I do not have such facilities that I can make them myself. But I have a complete idea, a complete concept. I and my entire team work on it. It does full research. Designed it perfectly in his computer. But cannot manufacture. Now in such a situation, I give it to another company so that it can be ready by manufacturing a product of my design or on my specification.

This is just like you have to get a chair made, and you went to a carpenter and told him what the chair would look like, what height it would look like. And Carpenter makes you a chair on your design.

Similarly in oem, a company designs a product, and makes a product ready on its design from another company. But the company that has designed all the rights of the product has the right. Just like Apple’s OEM is Foxconn which prepares the product for Apple on the given design but Apple has all rights to that product.

There is also a thing in oem that suppose hard disk toshiba is installed in your computer. ram is your dlink, and the processor is of intel core i5 so these parts
The OEMs of the icular part will be the company that made them. That is, oem for intel core i5.

ODM full form

The full name of odm is (full form) – original design manufacturers. What happens in odm is that you have an idea, that you have to make such a product. But you cannot design it, nor can you manufacture it. Because you do not have any such facilities available. Like you have to manufacture a phone but it is just an idea.

In that case what did you do that you contacted a company that I want to make a phone. And you told all your specification to that company. Now the odm here is the complete work, and the same design suggests that you can make such a phone of this design on this specification.

After that you place an order, give a logo, say the box and odm will prepare that product and give it to you. But here the client company does not have much control, here all the ip in that phone belong to that odm. All patents are also with that odm.

In the world of laptop there are two odm quanta and compale. These two companies make laptops for the world’s biggest companies. Just like Dell has to make an alienware, it will contact quanta and say that I have this idea and how any alienware can be made on it. Now quanta will design a system according to dell’s idea. And by manufacturing it, the dell will be delivered and the dell will work to sell it in the market in its own name.
This is the concept of complete oem aur odm.

loss from odm

As far as loss from odm is concerned, the loss is public. Because there is no work of any research and development in it. The already made things are simply sold with the tag of their name. And the company benefits.

research and development

When a company develops a product from a company after conducting research before making any product, it is called research and development or R&D.

What is rebranded or copy products?

No research in odm is done on the client side. Just you went to an odm and you told him that you have to make a phone, then odm showed the already prepared design and model to you, on which design you put your finger. odm will deliver the product to you in your indicated logo and box.

If any other company also goes and he also likes the same phone, then odm will be prepared and delivered in the logo and box of the other company. This type of product is called rebranded product or copy product. Which show different from outside but from inside all are same.

Some Example of OEM

Supposed “head” organizations can call OEM items, parts, and segments as their own, in the wake of marking an exchange record giving an organization the privilege to exchange an OEM item. Beside the money related advantages of being an OEM supplier, OEMs increase free attention on their items (think Goodyear tires on a Passage vehicle or an Intel microchip in a Dell PC.)

Consider these conspicuous OEM models:

Auto Industry:

A organization that produces the controlling wheel or the tires on another vehicle, truck or SUV.
PC software:
A organization like Microsoft that sells the working framework utilized in PCs or other computerized gadgets.

A organization that constructs the vehicle radio that is incorporated into another

A organization that constructs the motor that goes into another bulldozer or plane.

Considering no uncertainty that OEMs are broadly utilized by makers over the worldwide business scene.


I hope you Know What is an OEM full form? odm full form? example of OEM. You people have understood it completely. In this material age of today, most companies are making money by leaving research and development or putting rebranded or copy product in the market in the name of making money.

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