What is a WordPress plugin?|And How Do They Work?

What is a WordPress plugin?|And How Do They Work?

What is a WordPress plugin?|And How Do They Work?

Hello friends, today we are going to talk about some important topic, if you have a website or want to make a website, then this post is going to be useful for you. Today I am going to share the complete information about What is a WordPress plugin.
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The plugin is an element of the software program that can be added for specific features and functionality.
Plugin adds new functionality and features to our website. This is a pc of software that is plugged into other software for a particular personality. Because of this it is called plugin.
plugin is used to perform different personality also on WordPress, the
plugin is written in PHP programming language, that plugin can be added with help, without using any kind of code on the WordPress website.
As a site administrator on WordPress you can install and uninstall any plugin. In the market you will find many plugins free which you can install and use.
Along with the free official plugin, a premium plugin is also available which you can add to your website.
You have to take care of some things while selecting the plugin for the website. Your selected plugin is compatible with the latest version of wordpress. The rating of that plugin . How many days ago it was updated. Take care of all these things while selecting the plugin for your website.

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Does the plugin reduce the website’s speed

Some people are wrong about plugin that it makes the website Slow. It is not at all the bad plugin installed on the website, it slows down your website, or if you need a good plugin if you install the plugin If you do, it will never slow down your website.
In WordPress you can add new features by installing the plugin such that if you have to do some selling on top of your website, then you can install the commercial plugin for it, which will make your website work like an online shopping site.
Similarly, there are many other plugins that can be performed by adding different types of fans without any coding knowledge .
So you Read that you have the What is a WordPress plugin and when you select, then you have to pay attention to what. Hope you liked this post, then share it with friends.

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