WATCH: Snake Turns Into Balloon After Stealing Giant Egg


WATCH: Snake turns into balloon after stealing giant egg -

Snake steals eggs from beloved birds in South Africa Image courtesy of

“We sat by the puddle. enjoy hot coffee and admire the scenery As we were busy packing up, I overheard an unhappy pair of Blacksmith Lapwings. They were rubbing something on the floor, I immediately thought, snake!”

Lapwing blacksmiths are a common sight in the sub-Saharan African savannah. They are named for their distinctive metallic sound. which sounded like the sound of a blacksmith’s hammer on an anvil. These birds are territorial and fiercely protective of their nests. which they build on the ground in open areas

“As we approached the scene of the chaos I watched the snake slither intently towards its wing. These snakes are typical egg-eaters. Famous for being able to swallow whole eggs. as it is an essential part of their diet

“The budgie entered attack mode. swooping down and pecking at the egg and driving it away. Dodge their attacks and slither towards the nest. It was clear that the budgerigar was in an uphill battle.

“It didn’t take long for the egg eater to reach the nest. and we held our breath as it began to bite one of the warbler eggs. The budgie continues to attack. But they are not suitable for the agile and elusive egg eaters. within seconds The snake can grab the eggs.

“Then, when there is an egg in the mouth The snake started slithering away in the funniest and weirdest manner I had ever seen. I was amazed at what was happening in front of me and my guests. I was delighted to be able to capture all of this on film.

WATCH: Snake turns into balloon after stealing giant egg -

“Finally the snake disappeared into the bushes to get out of the clearing. Leaving the budgie to mourn the loss It’s also very risky when it first encounters the eggs. We haven’t seen a snake swallow an egg whole. But let’s just say I saw more pangolins than the average egg eater who eats eggs. That was a rare moment for me.”

This story first appeared in a recent sighting.

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