Watch giant lizards climb electricity poles to escape dogs Watch giant lizards climb electricity poles to escape dogs

In a village in Saraburi District Chonburi Province Dogs chasing a large Asian monitor lizard on a telephone pole

The lizard climbed onto a pole to escape the crowd of stray dogs and managed to do so. However, it became stranded and had to be rescued.

After spending an hour wrapping poles outside the township “Tuo Hia”, also known as

People believed that the animals could have been electrocuted and died like the three loris in Songkhla. People were worried that this enormous animal might destroy the community’s electrical system and in turn result in power outages.

Suwit Yamubol, the owner of the house, sent 2 rescuers to bring the Lizards back. But the task was not easy. Rescuers climbing stairs wrap the rope around the lizard and covered its mouth with masking tape. The lizards were put back on motorcycles and released in less populated areas where stray dogs should not be kept away.

Suwit said that while walking out to the fence, ᴄʟᴏ noticed a lizard sitting nearby. He chased it away. Chao ʜᴜɴᴛ came with a pack of dogs in the alley. which is the lizard as it runs up the pole

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