Video shows a real mermaid on the beach Keпyaп ? –

The video shows a mermaid that was discovered in Kenya or South Africa.

Stories of mermaid sightings go back nearly 7,000 years, while sea captains may mistake dugongs. (Or even the whale’s penis) are all sorts of mythical sea creatures. But the legend of the mermaids continues in modern times with digital editing, bad science “documentaries”. art sculpture and misidentified animal skeletons.

In April 2022, a new “mermaid sighting” made waves on social media when users shared a video supposedly showing one of these mythical creatures washed up on the beach. in Kenya (In the video’s other posts, people claim that the video was actually taken on the coast of South Africa.)

Authorities in both Kenya and South Africa say there have been no reports of mermaid sightings on beaches.

The earliest version of the video we found was posted on TikTok on April 6th with the claim that The “real mermaid” was “caught in Muizenberg, South Africa.” That video has been viewed more than 8 million times.

We contacted the South African Police Department in Muizenberg for more information on this video. As many social media commentators wondered if the video actually showed something else, such as a child being attacked by a fish, we also asked Muizenberg SAPS if there were any reports of children dying. He was killed (or almost died) from a fish attack.

A spokesperson said: “Please note that Muizenberg SAPS has not reported any mermaids washing up on the beach. or reports of children being bitten by fish.”

Although we can’t pinpoint exactly what this video shows. But this video doesn’t show a mermaid. In all likelihood, this video is a digital edit with authentic footage of the dying fish and digitally added images of children or dolls.

In fact, upon closer inspection of this footage, You’ll see the sand lose its texture as the “mermaid’s” arm moves across the beach. at one point The finger also disappeared. which indicates that the “Mermaid figure” digitally added to this video:

Because officials in both Kenya and South Africa dispute the report. Because there are signs that this footage has been edited. And since there are no news reports about the historic and crucial discovery of the half-man, half-fish. Species in Africa We rated this footage as “misunderstood”.

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