How To Make Urdu News Website In Urdu/URDU PAPER

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How To Make Urdu News Website/URDU PAPER Theme Setup Guide

Aslaamu Alaikum! Dear Friends Welcome to Our New Video of URDU NEWS WordPress “How to Make Urdu News Website in WordPress | URDU PAPER Theme Setup Guide in Urdu “.

If you want to Create a Complete Urdu News Paper Site Just Watch this Complete Video and Learn How to Customize Urdu Press Theme.

URDU NEWS  WordPress

How To Make Website|Urdu News Website Course Part 1

Looking to install a WordPress theme? As a beginner, you’ve likely heard about tons of free and paid WordPress topics available. As you start, you may want to try out a few topics on your site until you discover the correct one that meets your requirements. We will provide comprehensive step-by-step directions on how to install a WordPress theme for beginners in this beginner’s guide. We’re going to cover three distinct methods to install a WordPress theme.

Before You Install a WordPress Theme

It’s simple to install a WordPress theme. But keep in mind that if you activate a fresh theme, it will alter the way your website looks and works. If you switch from an current theme, you may want to look at our checklist of stuff you need to do before altering WordPress topics.

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