upset little girl When her missing dog is found (clip)

He disappeared in San Antonio, Texas, and his family used to fear they would never see him again. which was until Lieutenant Perez of the Bexar County Sheriff’s administrative center gained fame. Several dogs were found roaming within the enclosed space. Perez remembers the dog flyer who wasn’t at the substation looking for Max. When Perez got the scene where the dog had been found That dog used to be Max’s real life! He called the family to confirm it was their dog and they were briefly reunited.

No one knows how Max survived there on my own. His family was delighted to see him again. His two sisters were especially grateful for their reunion. Nobody stopped crying tears of joy and hugging Max when the dog used to be returned to them.

Little Max is now safe and sound at home again thanks to Perez and the great Samaritans who decided to find him in the community. dog is family and when they disappear It’s tragic After the sheriff’s workplace posted on Facebook about a sweet reunion of Max and his family. The release went viral. and has been shared in more than 1,500 situations

“Man, fixing up a little girl’s face is invaluable!” one commenter mentioned. “These little animals have a huge impact on our hearts. Many thanks to Perez police officers for sending their children again to the family. Similar to you!” is one story that has warmed the hearts of many online users. Obviously, the little girl was completely happy to be with her partner again. All because of a kind of officer. “We bought in to see more stories of cops doing the right thing,” one commenter mentions in the release. “This warms my heart.”

The sheriff’s workplace was once content to hunt down a reunion — and it’s clear Max was over the moon, too. Now he wouldn’t want to worry about where he would get my next meal or sleep outside in the street.

A little girl sobs when her missing dog is finally found - Juligal.

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“Max and his family are back together again. and as you can see in the faces of the children They couldn’t be happier,” the sheriff’s workplace said on Facebook, “because of Deputy Perez who facilitated this gathering!”

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