University of South Carolina Tuition Incredible scholarships and policies

University of South Carolina tuition is as flexible as possible. And you may be wondering how much you have to pay before enrolling in the program. Let’s go look at the details!

University of South Carolina Tuition

Overview of the University of South Carolina

Investing in the University of South Carolina can be expensive, but it’s worth it.

Researchers at the Darla Moore School of Business found that South Carolina residents with a bachelor’s degree earn an average of $15,000 more per year than residents with a high school diploma.

Still, you want to make sure you’re getting value for your money. The institution has been recognized by The Princeton Review and Kiplinger’s Personal Finance as having one of the best values ​​in public education.

The cost of attending the University of South Carolina starts with tuition and fees. Including the cost of accommodation, food, books, and other supplies.

University of South Carolina Tuition

More than 96 percent of students receive some form of financial aid. Therefore, these expenses are not expenses that students have to pay themselves. It is intended as a guide only.

Estimated costs for 2023-2024
Estimated cost SC residents non-resident
Tuition and Technology $12,688 $33,928
residence $8,374 $8,374
Meal $4,061 $4,061
Books and supplies 1,250 dollars 1,250 dollars
all $26,373 $47,613

Certain academic programs, majors, and classes have additional fees. The Bursar’s Office handles payment of fees and other financial transactions. of the university and prepare a complete list of tuition fees and other expenses

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Scholarships from the University of South Carolina

University of South Carolina Tuition

Scholarships are funds that do not need to be repaid. There are thousands of scholarships at your fingertips. But please use caution when searching.

You should not pay to apply for scholarships. Check out the scholarship sources for reliable sources below:


Although these rewards generally cannot be combined with other rewards, But the Undergraduate Admissions Office awards a number of general university scholarships based on your application merit.

Additionally, the state of South Carolina offers lottery-funded HOPE, LIFE, and Palmetto Fellows scholarships to qualifying South Carolina residents.

From state scholarships to general university scholarships given to new students. There are many opportunities to support South Carolina residents.

State Scholarships for SC Residents

The state offers several types of lottery-funded scholarships to eligible South Carolina residents. Any one of the awards listed in this section can be added to the scholarships issued by any university.

These awards include the following but are not limited to the Palmetto Fellows Scholarship, LIFE Scholarship, Palmetto Fellows and Improvement LIFE Scholarship, and South Carolina HOPE Scholarship, etc.

Scholarships for non-residents

University of South Carolina Tuition

There are a variety of scholarships offered by the Office of Undergraduate Admissions to new students who are not residents of South Carolina. Many scholarships also offer tuition reductions.

The University of South Carolina has several scholarships available to new non-SC students. Scholarships are awarded through the Office of Undergraduate Admissions.

When you apply to study at the University of South Carolina, you will automatically be considered for a scholarship. These scholarships are only available to new students entering the fall semester.

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Only one Admissions Merit Award per individual is allowed for non-residents, except for the Provost Scholars Award, which can be added to any other award. specified in this section

Departmental Scholarships

Departmental scholarships are usually awarded to continuing students who meet the academic merit criteria. However, some departments also offer scholarships to new students.

Most departmental scholarships are awarded to returning students. But you can check the scholarship database. Each college or school has its own application process.

Please contact your college or school to inquire about the scholarships they offer. When you apply Please take the time to review our scholarship policies and learn what it takes to maintain departmental scholarships.

Non-institutional scholarships

USC recognizes non-institutional scholarships as any funding. that are provided directly to students by a non-UofSC affiliate, business, organization, group, or individual

Non-institutional scholarships are external scholarships that are not affiliated with UofSC. They are funded directly by businesses, agencies, organizations, groups, or individuals.

University of South Carolina Scholarship Policy

Review UofSC policies related to general scholarships and departmental scholarships, such as eligibility, registration, and use of summer scholarships. Scholarship preservation and financial policies related to your scholarship award. Scholarship Policy

Scholarships at the University of South Carolina-Columbia generally fall into two categories: general university scholarships and departmental scholarships.

General university scholarships

University of South Carolina Tuition

General university scholarships are awarded by the Office of Undergraduate Admissions to incoming freshmen, helping to increase the academic profile and diversity of the class and university.

Selection tips

Selection will be made based on weighted GPA and standardized test scores as specified in University Policy No. ADM 9.58.

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Provost Scholars are awarded only upon the student’s designation by the National Merit Scholarship Corporation (NMSC) as a national finalist.

to receive rewards Such students should list the University of South Carolina as their chosen institution for the NMSC. Students listed as National Hispanic Recognition Program Scholars may also receive Provost Scholars.

Recipients must be enrolled in a degree program at the University of South Carolina.

Please note that financial need is not a selection criterion.

Recipients may receive only one general university scholarship, with the following exceptions: Provost Scholar, Presidential Scholar, and USC STEM Appendix.

Recipients may receive funding from the state of South Carolina. In addition to general university scholarships in accordance with state regulations governing scholarship programs.

South Carolina state-funded scholarships are limited to residents who are United States citizens or verified legal permanent residents at the time of high school graduation.

Students who are legal residents of the state of South Carolina are eligible to be considered for general university scholarships.

Students who are not legal residents of South Carolina and are legally residing in the United States are eligible to be considered for a grant-based general university scholarship.

Students who are not legal residents of the state of South Carolina and who are legal residents of the United States. but do not reside in the state of South Carolina are classified as non-residents for tuition purposes. You may also receive a scholarship that includes a tuition reduction if eligible.

Students who are not legal residents of South Carolina and reside in the state of South Carolina (i.e. cannot receive SC State scholarships).

If you enter the United States with an appropriate visa that requires students to pay tuition at the national rate. You will be considered for a general university scholarship.

University of South Carolina Tuition

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You can get some scholarships from the institute. And don’t forget to check the features as well.

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