Unforgettable footage captures the moment an astronaut’s spaceship collides with a UFO (video).

The reason behind their existence remains unclear. Are they hiding something from us? Could there be collaboration with aliens? The truth is out of our sight, however, what we do know is that the frequency of reported sightings has recently increased.

For example, consider a recent encounter that took place around May 20, 2016, near a residential area in El Dorаdo, Sаntа Cruz, Bolіvіa.

Many witnesses, more than a dozen Describe what they believe to be a massive UFO that crashed into the neighborhood.

From one corner of the ruins appeared a maniacal alien. Arouse curiosity and awe in the onlookers. The presence of aliens suppressed all other sounds in the area. A group of schoolchildren even noticed an alien trying to climb a tree to get back to its ship. only to retreat on the approaching crowd

Some witnesses claimed to have seen aliens taking refuge in nearby homes. Amazingly small aliens easily scaled trees with their disproportionately long arms and fingers.

Sсott C. Waring, famous UFO expert and blogger Recorded this incident during his interview with witnesses at the aforementioned venue.

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