Truths and stories about sexual behavior in the Middle Ages

Jacques Rossiod‘s Sexualites au Moyen Age Revealing interesting little things about medieval sex. Essay by a French historian Medieval Sexual Habits and PerformanceReject some of the clichés in the story and reveal a little-known curiosity. Here are some examples.


Sex between couples is not allowed on Christmas Day, Easter, Pentecost and Assumption when brothels are open.


Until the 12th century, the only acceptable position was missionary. which is considered optimal for procreation Because it is believed that later, patience began to increase. But the position of the so-called “Erotic Horses” (when the woman is above) is still unacceptable. Theologians condemned this horse. And the doctors even considered it scary.


Prostitution is recognized as an inferiority: it is better for men to find a prostitute than to spoil their wives or satisfy themselves. For this reason, brothels operate year-round. (except Good Friday) and was frequented by clergy, who actually accounted for 20% of the attendance in the 15th century.


There are different birth control methods. But very often it works: from amulets to sex. From boiling lettuce to spraying cold water. “to cool the seed”

chastity belt

This is a renaissance invention—but we already know it.


It’s Ьɩаmed, but on a different level. Unexpectedly, it’s almost acceptable for women and strongly against for men, which is “worse than eating meat on Fridays.”

how many times

Couples are widely advised not to have sex more than twice a week, as “too many orgasms shorten life. Drains water from the body, reduces itching and damages the eyes.”

ⱱ because of celibacy

Priests’ purity is not as high as one might think. Bishop Hugh of Lincoln, asked by his famous wife Offer this remedy: “Do you want your husband to rediscover his passion? I will make him a priest As soon as a man becomes a priest He’s burning with passion.”

the right moment

According to Platina, a humanist and librarian of the pope of the mid-15th century, “this action must be avoided when full of wine or other types of meat” but also “when the stomach is empty and very hungry.” The right moment? “The best time to do this is when the food is almost digested. When you don’t want to sleep or do anything else.”


As a matter of fact All happy deeds that have no purpose in procreation. From oral sex to masturbation, it was called “an unnatural sin.” Homosexuality began to be severely condemned only in the 12th century: for St. Thomas and his followers. The sin of fornication is almost as much as the sin of fornication. with sin


According to the Statute of Belluno in 1428, “No one is considered a woman over twenty years of age to be a virgin unless she can prove her virginity.”

It’s all natural.

In all things, sex is a natural act, a “gift of creation.” According to 12th-century philosopher Guillaume de Conches, “only hypocrites do not take it into account.”

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