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Amazing before and after photos of twins mom ⱱігаɩ

Nυbbia shared the changes in her twins’ tummy after the birth of her children. and described her figure for the first time in the maternity ward.

The postpartum body is a subject that continues to create instability among mothers. Thinking of this difficult time One American decided to share the entire evolution of her figure and figure after giving birth to twins.

Nubbia vented to her followers about this and posted a comparison of her before and after pregnancy: on the left at 38 weeks of labor and on the right at 8 weeks after giving birth.

“I really have nothing to say. I love my body for what it does and what it gives me…my precious little angel. But I won’t say I love this version of mine. I accept this version of myself with ɡгасe and love, does that make sense?” the twins mom wrote on her Instagram.

Mom posted more pictures. of her body transformation and warned other women that don’t feel bad about it

“What I look like doesn’t define me. What I do is to take care of it. because I love my body so i can eat well because I love my body so i exercise because I love my body So I treat my body with the respect it deserves. I practice loving myself and trying to improve myself. because I love my body Not because I love my body! Let’s do this together… I ask you to say nice things about yourself!” added Nυbbia.

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