touch him 5 the owner’s grave never goes out

Touch him 5 The owner's grave never left - Juligal

She has been married to her owner for 5 years and she has 300 million VND to decide her death.

Mino spent all her time lying on Kiet’s grave – the woman who died in Mino was brought back to her.

When it happened, it was forced by an old friend…

Touch him 5 The owner's grave never left - Juligal

People of Village No. 1 Than Tha, Than Tha District, Long An Province There is a strange story About Mino’s father who slept at his master’s grave for 5 years. The man who slept in Ms. Kid’s grave. The boy missing number died at the age of 3.

Kid’s three children, Mino’s father and Kid’s father weren’t separated. “Hey, come pick Mino, he’s 1 year old.

When Kiet fell into the water, Mino was stunned, forever lying in his grave. Mino was forgiven, the food box placed in front of the grave was divided.

Touch him 5 The owner's grave never left - Juligal

Mino lay at her master’s grave. The tomb is in the cave.

The family was furious. Mino was lying next to Kiet’s grave the whole time. That was the size of the body she could return to. Except for rainy days, strong winds, rain, or about eating Mino won’t let go.

The rest of the bodies are at the top next to the tomb. As far as the complete power pack with Mino’s, there was a place where it was almost destroyed.

For the past 2 years, before moving Kiet’s grave from the garden map, Mino had to cling to the wall.

Touch him 5 The owner's grave never left - Juligal

Mino “Treasure” Honor’s tomb moved from a cave in the garden.

“This was moving Kiet’s grave to her mother. Mino lay on the ground as though moved to a grave. Mother-in-law fixes it and then transfers, but it’s all gone. When the truck drags the grave The grave is still there.

Going to the vault to lift too much weight, too much, too bad, at that moment she thought of giving up and laying down again. Mino’s grave is lying down. Come to Mino. You will lie down and eat. Eat. Eat. The grave. It’s delicious!”

The family thought it was a treasure worth $300 million.

Up until now, Mino has owned the owner’s grave for 5 years. She is considered the family’s most important woman to hold on to Kidd’s heart. Mrs. Ut pays attention to Mino’s family:

“My mum and dad were here and there on the grave all the time. Remember, remember, remember, take care, take care. Mino was always there. lying in the grave all the time very upset

In the past, Kiet’s tomb was in the cave every morning from 5 to 6 o’clock, Mino гɑ, 9 o’clock, it was too late, the tomb was burned and it went off. got it Now the tomb was covered with rain and covered because it was so long that it was forever.

Especially Mino is not smart. Grave food, food, and food for the whole family to eat. Refrigerated food for instant noodles. The children were very naughty, just playing with little things to plant the grave of the kid.”

Touch him 5 The owner's grave never left - Juligal

Mino the dog had to climb his master’s grave.

She was embarrassed because Mino was too smart for her. So she became a loser. Many people wonder, ask for it or ask to buy 300 million, it’s as intended. The house that she owned, the house that Mino owned, the house that was owned, another that left Mino to be raised by someone else.

Oddly enough, she decided to save the land of Kiet’s grave as Mino’s burial place. Mino is good friends with Kiet.

Touch him 5 The owner's grave never left - Juligal
Touch him 5 The owner's grave never left - Juligal

Mino married separately at Kiet’s grave, where he died.

The story of Mino and her owner returning to the social media platform was welcomed by YouTubers even as she came to visit her father. But Mino still loved her “mother-in-law”.

– It’s simple. It’s very simple. When the baby is near him, burying his love for him, he thinks his mother is lying below (the tomb) and lying in his mother’s tomb. get used to it get used to it The fact that it’s more forgiving than rude. It’s about

– This is before there was a level of wisdom in it. When I brought it back, there was a door. The door is in front of the car. So happy that she’s happy and she’s married after , it , it ‘s about !

– People don’t think they can buy it and raise it. They thought they could raise it. This woman is very attached to her owner, split гɑ, maybe she’ll die…

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