Top 5 Best Free Chrome Extensions for Bloggers

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Top 5 Best Free Chrome Extensions for Bloggers


Top 5 Best Free Chrome Extensions for Bloggers.If you are a blogger or digital marketer, then you must have worked hard to grow your blog or your business, and obviously nothing happens without hard work, but some such tools are available to market using You can increase the speed and work efficiency of your work, if you are also a blogger then this post is very helpful hogi for you.

Today in this post, we are going to tell the best free chrome extensions for Bloggers, by using which you can do your work more speed much better, by using these chrome extension tools, you can do more and more in the least time. Will be able to work

Thousands of chrome extensions are available in the market but in this post we are going to tell you the best and our personal favorite which we ourselves use the same chrome extensions.


1. Mozbar Chrome Extension


Mozbar – Moz is a free tool made by the company, Mozbar has introduced DA PA values ​​which measures the authority of any website, using moz free chrome extension – mozbar, without using moz or da Go to a website like pa checker, just one click, I can check any website da pa.

By using Moz bar, you will not have to go to any other website again and again, it will spend a lot of your time children.

By using Moz Bar, you can remove your website by checking the bad backlink, which will make your SEO better.



2. Similar Web Chrome Extensions

This extension is the official extension of Similar Web, by using it you can see the monthly traffic of the website in a single click and can also check the traffic demographics like – age, country, interest etc. And it also gives a lot of insights of website traffic like –

Traffic source – organic, direct, social

Top Ranking keywords

Competitor Website

Similar Web is a free competitor analysing tool, which we currently use and anyone can use it for free and take the premium version for advance features. This free chrome extension of similar web will help you a lot and will save your time.



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3. Grammarly Free Chrome Extensions

Grammarly Free Chrome Extension
If you too are a blogger like me and make many mistakes while writing content, like me, Grammarly is for you and it helps you a lot in writing content without any mistake,

Grammarly is a spelling mistake checker, grammar checker tool that highlights and corrects your spelling and grammar mistakes.



Grammarly is compatible with all platforms like wordpress editor, docs, wordpad and works quite well, you can switch Grammarly to other platforms like – Quora, Facebook post, Gmail etc. You can use it at the place.

So if you do not want to make any grammatical mistake in your content and want to write your article grammar free in a good way, then you must use Grammarly, Grammarly Pro version is also available and if you are serious about your contant Don’t want to make a mistake, I would definitely recommend taking the pro version of Grammarly.

4. Keyword Everywhere Chrome Extensions

Keyword Everywhere Chrome Extension
If you are a Blogger, Affiliate Marketer or any type of your business online, then Keyword Everywhere Free Chrome Extension is very helpful for you.

Keyword Everywhere is a chrome extension of Google that helps you find the best keywords in your Niche,

In S free chrome extension you will see all the matrics of the keyword like – Keyword Volume, CPC and Keyword Competition.

This tool not only provides data from Google but also collects data from many tools and platforms, such as – Google Trends, Youtube, ubersuggest, google, bing, amazon, moz etc.

If you are looking for a good free keyword research tool, then I will definitely suggest you to use keyword everywhere free extension.

5. Facebook Pixel Helper

Facebook Pixel Helper Extension
If you run facebook ads to promote your blog or to promote a product or your business, then this is the chrome extension of facebook for you.

Facebook pixel helper is an absolutely free chrome extension which you can use tomorrow by checking the pixel code of facebook on your website and whether it is getting pixel fire or not, it can be checked in just one click and with pixel firing coming to your website You can track the activities and steps of the users tomorrow and with the help of this you can retarget the users tomorrow.

This will help you a lot in tracking users and by showing simple data in one click, you will save a lot of time.

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