Today, UFO claims that astronauts have filmed 3 UFOs flying close to the International Space Station (video).

UFO Today uploaded a recent video to YouTube featuring three triangular UFOs floating near the International Space Station. This video was uploaded online by astronauts from the International Space Station. He seemed to have witnessed the encounter firsthand and reported it to the high command. In case you didn’t already know The International Space Station is orbiting our planet as we know it. and it’s very fast say the least

Many have said before that this is one of the fastest machines we’ve had the pleasure of working with. But these three UFOs easily bypassed it. This is technology unlike anything we’ve seen before. Since many believe that these must be Gray Aliens UFOs, one of the smartest extraterrestrial civilizations.

Although some believe this video is fake. But there were many others who supported it. What do you think? Are you worried about lack of information? Or do you still believe it’s shocking? You can watch the video below and let us know your thoughts.


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