Thousands of “fish” washed up on a beach in California, USA, engulfed in strange creatures.

California residents have just witnessed a spectacular scene when thousands of creatures that look like male genitals suddenly cover the shore.

Recently, residents of the Drakes Coast (California) United States) witnessed a very unexpected phenomenon: thousands of creatures resembling “boys” appeared crowded and writhed. covers one corner of the shore

This creature is known to be called “Pla Chu”, although it is actually a worm. It got its name because the shape of these fat worms resembles male genitalia in both “appearance” and color.

But why did thousands of “valuables” suddenly return to shore? In fact, they don’t want either. According to biologist Ivan Parr, it was caused by a massive storm that hit the area on Dec. 6.

This type of worm has another name. The “Fat Innkeeper Worm” originated from the habit of digging U-shaped tunnels in the mud or sand and letting other creatures in. However, a storm swept them all away. causing them to leave the house and emerge ashore to become prey for a variety of seabirds

The worm is shaped like a penis.

“Similar phenomena have been recorded in other areas such as Pajaro Dunes, Moss Landing, Bodega Bay and Princeton Harbor over the years.” Parr reports in the journal Bay Nature.

“Many people think the worm is from a shipwreck, but this worm has actually been on the beaches here for a long time. and is known as the innkeeper worm.”

When it comes to these strange worms They are classified as spoon worms. Which is a family of worms with legs shaped like a spoon. Used to swim and find food. Lives in moist mud or submerged sand. and lived up to 25 years.

The “fish” mainly feed on bacteria, plankton and other microscopic organisms. using the mucous membrane as a food net and will only be eaten when the necessary amount has been gathered The way they dig the tunnels is also impressive. Once they built sand holes through the walls to escape and trap their prey.

It is also one of the oldest living beings. Archaeologists have found evidence of their existence over 300 million years ago. but even it is very old But its pathetically small and fragile body makes it threatened by many species such as beavers, sharks, seals, and even the shark population.

Innkeeper worms – also known as penises: creatures that look like male genitalia.

In some countries, such as Korea and Japan, “Fish” is a nutritious special food on the drinking table. Anyone who has tasted said that it was quite chewy, chewed very well, got the salty taste of the sea but turned out to be full of sweetness. This dish requires special sauce from sesame oil and salt. or special Korean spicy sauce

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