Thought that the dragon was slithering into the house, the girl was ‘shocked’ until she learned the ‘truth’ (clip)

When you think a dragon has crawled into your house The young girl panicked until she learned the truth. Recently, a young Vietnamese woman was surprised to find a strange animal appearing in her house. Until Tran An netizens realized that this person really sighed relief.

according to the girl while entering the house The man happened to see a rather strange animal. at first glance Many people think it’s a dragon because it has 4 legs and a long body like a snake. ?

Many people saw the clip and were surprised when it was the first time in their lives that they saw this strange animal. Also, do not forget to remind the girls to be careful because this animal may be poisonous. However, it wasn’t long before some people realized that this is a snake and not dangerous to humans when there is no toxicity It is known that the olive snake or willow snake belongs to the Asian grass lizards. which is one species The length of the tail is three times the length of the body in this species.

This snake lives mainly in forests and grasslands. Found in the eastern and southern parts of Asia such as India, China, Thailand, Vietnam and some countries, many snakes are active during the day. And they like to lie down and enjoy the morning sun. Especially in the early morning when the sun has just risen, snakes are very shy, so when they sense danger They immediately try to hide under the trees. dry leaves or grass spots Usually this type of snake eats insects such as cockroaches, crickets, worms, worms.

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