This youth found hundreds of cobras in a hole in the paddy field.

Youth found hundreds of cobras in a hole in a rice paddy field. Create a buzz on social media The incident took place in the village of Kukurhata in the eastern Indian state of Odisha.

According to reports, a young man named Akash Bastia discovered the snake while he was playing cricket with friends in the area. He noticed a hole in the floor. and with curiosity So he decided to take a closer look. Surprised, he found hundreds of cobras in the hole.

Akash immediately notified the villagers. Then a local snake rescuer was called to the scene. It took snake rescuers over five hours to pull all the cobras out of their holes. They carefully carved each snake and released it into the wild.

The incident brought attention to the need for greater snake awareness and safety measures in the region. The eastern Indian state of Orissa is known to have a large population of snakes. including poisonous species like cobras

Snake bites are common in the area. and many died due to lack of proper medical facilities. Local governments and wildlife agencies have been working to spread awareness and take safety measures to prevent such incidents.

In conclusion, the incident underscored the importance of awareness of snake safety and the need for appropriate safety measures in regions with large snake populations. It also shows Akash Bastia’s bravery, who helps prevent any harm to himself and the snake by notifying the villagers and calling the local rescuers.

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