This Golden Retriever devotes about two hours a day to cuddling others. which she met while she was walking

This dog is an angel sent from heaven!!

The Golden Retriever’s domestic dog is rightfully identified as a pleasant and gentle breed. As a perfect distance as most dog lovers are concerned. Golden Retrievers are the closest relatives of dogs.

Louboutina is the famous Golden Retriever from the movie Chelsea, New York City who loves to hug people on the street.

The Golden is just an amazing breed. Unconditional love for everyone!

beautiful golden retriever Named after a French shoemaker. Spend at least two hours in the afternoon hugging people she meets on the street.

Is the Golden Retriever recognized as a great dog?

Her 45-year-old owner, Fernandez-Chavez, talks about it: It’s not just a walk anymore, it’s a walk with a hug.

A lot of people said that she made the day come true… If that day they want a terrible day to paint. Maybe that was just what they were looking for.

love this dog so cute and wonderful

He uploaded: It all started around Valentine’s Day in 2014 when Loubie started holding her owner’s hand after he stopped dating. She began to sit up and grab my palm with each of her paws. then cross the other paw over her paw

I often joke with my friends. At least I have someone to deal with all Valentine’s Day.

Fernandez-Chavez now Realizing that now it’s not just him, however, the whole world wishes his dog to be warm.

Everyone wants a hug…! We hope others Be like this dog!

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