This gigantic python can eat larger pythons. But it was more than he could bear.

Graphic: A python swallows a bigger snake. and ends badly

Photographer Amanda Jongedyk was able to capture this stunning image of a Western Australian python attempting to cannibalize people by swallowing a larger python. Unfortunately for the hungry python. It clenched more teeth than it could chew and later regurgitated its food.

Now this is the case if the eyes are too big for your stomach.

A photographer captured this stunning image of an enormous python in Western Australia trying to swallow a larger python.

However, the hungry python, which is about 11.5 feet to 13 feet long, cannot eat. and later regurgitated

A giant snake slithers up the roof of a young lady’s house.

“This beauty happened at our home this morning,” Parry Creek Farm Tourist Resort and Caravan Park wrote in a Facebook post.

GRAPHIC WARNING: Gigantic Python Swallows Bigger Python  but can't manage

(Credit: Amanda Jongedyk/Parry Creek Farm)

The Park continued: “We moved these big guys out. so that they don’t eat our food. [chickens]We saw that he ate some food well (yes, we counted finicky, it wasn’t one of them) and bagged him safely. As soon as I took it out of the bag, I started to regurgitate and saw the tail! Thought it was a whip snake – wow, we were wrong! Everything happened very quickly. and he was safely away again. Sadly, he lost his lunch. But we hope he can grab something else. and the bird will have the rest of his food.”

These images were taken by Wyndham Amanda Jongdick, a Western Australian. who shared these images with the park The stunning photo, Jongedyk told Fox News, was taken on May 20. Since then, It has gone viral and has been shared over 100 times.

GRAPHIC WARNING: Gigantic Python Swallows Bigger Python  but can't manage

(Credit: Amanda Jongedyk/Parry Creek Farm)

Snake cannibalism is not a rarity, though. But according to Live Science, their diet consists mostly of small animals. Although they sometimes eat adult deer, antelope and, in rare cases, humans. In 2017, a giant 23-foot python was found eating an Indonesian farmer and devouring the man whole.

The boa constrictor is native to Australia. as well as parts of Africa and Asia In some cases, they can be up to 27 feet long and can weigh up to 350 pounds.

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