This Dog Weeps Like Someone at Its Owner’s Funeral ask the owner to come back

Belinha This adorable dog has been devoted to her owner and best friend Telma Maria over the years. Recently, Belinha and her owner have been separated. But their love for each other did not diminish at all.

Maria, who lives in Brazil, died earlier this month due to a protracted cancer battle. Belinha stayed by her side through her difficult struggles and declining health. And Maria’s cheering presence lifted Maria’s heart.

Maria’s son Dionsio Neto wrote on the Internet: «My mother said she was her nurse» Belinya’s most devoted friend.

Belinha is important in Maria’s life, so it’s only fitting that she attends her funeral.

Belinya and other family members sit solemnly as if understanding the solemnity of the grief that beset

A loyal dog jumps into an ambulance to follow his owner to the hospital. After falling ill while walking his pet in Brazil

“This dog’s love for his owner is very special.” While driving home the other night, Anderson Bahi saw something he’ll never forget.

It was a scene of love in its purest form. “I was driving by when I saw an ambulance stopping on the opposite side of the road,” Bahi told The Dodo.

It turned out that someone suddenly fell ill on the sidewalk moments earlier while leaving, as did his dog.

After rescuers got the person into an ambulance to take him to hospital, his Canis Minor jumped onto the rear bumper and insisted on taking her.

Bahi could only watch from afar. But one thing remains clear. “The love this dog has for its owner is very special,” Bahi said. “Loyal love.”

Blind Dog Gets His Own Guide Dog! Oko puppies are fortunate that fact is not lost on the ambulance team. before driving away They opened the door to allow the adorable dog to be by his owner’s side. But the show of dog loyalty doesn’t end there.

Upon arriving at the hospital, the owner of the dog was wheeled inside. meanwhile The puppy sat patiently outside the spital door to make it come back.

It didn’t take long before Maria Lúcia Muniz, a local animal rescuer who lived near the hospital, learned about the dogs guarding the hospital gates. She asked her to confirm that night.

But fortunately, the dog’s wait was not long. and his faithfulness was rewarded. “It was heartbreaking,” Muniz told The Dodo, “but thank God. The owner was only hospitalized for 45 minutes, his family arrived wanting him and the dog home.”

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