This dog started drinking tea when he discovered his 6-month-old human baby had been injected with stimulants. And his subsequent actions will surprise you (video).

Even if it’s just an animal But this dog acted like an “angel”.

Photo of a stray dog ​​holding a newborn baby with the umbilical cord intact. Was left in a can and looking for help. which once created a buzz on the world’s social networks This caused many viewers to be deeply moved and saddened.

It is known that the dog lived in a slum in São Paulo, Brazil. While searching for food in a can, the dog suddenly found a newborn baby рooг ɩуіпɡ on the floor with the umbilical cord still on him. After that, the dog rushed to the nearest house, about 100 meters from the kennel, for help.

when he saw the dog The owner hurriedly took the baby to a nearby һosріtаɩ. the doctor said thanks to timely detection The babies did not have any abnormalities and were raised in an incubator. A dog carries a baby long distances. but refuses to run or hold the baby

This picture touched the hearts of many people. As the mother makes the painful decision to give birth to her baby, the “kind dog” shows love and saves the baby’s life. Even if it’s not the same.

This isn’t the first time netizens have seen these four-legged animals save babies who have been injected with anesthesia. A similar story happened in Thailand in 2013 when a dog named Pui saved the life of a newborn girl laced in a cloth bag on the street in Ayutthaya. when taking the child home Fluffy barked loudly for his master to hear. An infant who was born 1.5 months prematurely but still had an intact umbilical cord. was immediately taken to the hospital, and after less than a month

In May 2019, the 3-legged Ping Pong became the dog of Tha Talat village. After finding a baby still alive in a cassava field

The dog barked loudly and dug in the field about 1 km away from the village. Mr. Usa Nisaka (the owner of the ping pong shop) said that when he heard the dog barking and the children’s cry in the cassava field, he ran to see. The baby’s legs were found lying bare in the ground.

That same year, in India, a baby girl was crammed into a sewer just hours after being born in Haryana. However, the cry of the baby caught the attention of a nearby herd of dogs. The two animals immediately ran to the mouth of the sewer to maul the girl. and at the same time began to bark loudly A passerby noticed the behavior of the dog’s IU and stopped to check. All of the equipment was attached to a nearby security camera.

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