They Capture Mysterious UFO Glow Underwater Miami (Video)

A mysterious image appears on a web of green glowing objects moving underwater. as it moves “The object glows and changes shape.”

Underwater UFO sightings have been reported off the coast of Miami. Underwater and glowing objects that amaze the audience of social networks.

Renowned urologist Scott Waring has published a mysterious image of a glowing green object moving beneath the water’s surface.

as it moves The object then glows green and changes shape. According to Waring, UFOs can move underwater just as easily as they do. with that moving through the air

and the green light came from the unidentified object’s propulsion system.

This is far from the case when UFOs enter and exit the ocean in isolation.

Many people remember the video of UFOs going into the water, taken by the crew of an American destroyer.

Ufologists believe that in the place where such objects are found, the extraterrestrial base may lie at a depth of several kilometers.

Some researchers believe that these bases are not the main ones. But it is a transit base for creatures from other worlds that can live underwater. And why not underground? What do you think?

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