The woman sleeps with the snake every night. Until the doctor shows what’s inside – Video –

While a veterinarian performs an ultrasound on a python His face showed concern for the surrounding people.

She wondered what they saw that made their foreheads frown.

He began to worry about her cute baby.

Mail has always been labeled weird.

Hey, what if you want to get a full body tattoo?

Who’s business if she wants to go crazy with piercings?

And what if she wanted a seven-foot long python as a pet?

Who is the judge?

The snake is perfect for her little home.

It doesn’t require much maintenance and doesn’t bark all day like the neighbor’s little dogs. And it doesn’t bother anyone either.

But no one understood the special relationship she had with Fang.

He came into her life at the right time and she took good care of him.

Some people might find it very creepy or terrifying. to have a snake as a pet But Mail never faced any problems.

Fang never once attempted to harm her or any of her guests.

If her neighbors stop nagging with unnecessary warnings Mel kept the python in a zoo with a heat lamp. As usual for reptile pets.

But lately she has been feeling lonely and decided to take the relationship to the next level.

She really felt that they were more connected.

It seems that her neighbors are not very close with her dog. Let him sleep outside every night, which gives Mel the idea.

She let the snake curl up with her on the bed.

it’s awesome

Fang hugged her and sprawled branches all over her body.

He’s definitely not warm and furry. But his finely scaled body was comforting.

In a way, the python seems to be enjoying its new bedroom.

Mel made it a habit every night.

from head to toe He would slit and curl around. her legs

He watched her while she slept?

One night, a little after 2am, Mel woke up in an empty bed.

She was very drunk. The neighbor’s dog kept barking incessantly. So she immediately fell asleep.

Fang might be on the floor in the morning like she thought.

The snake is back on the bed. wiggles and wraps its legs as usual

After that, she prepared food for him. But he didn’t seem very hungry.

All day Fang lay in bed and refused to eat.

Furthermore, he looked more restless than usual. Especially when Mel tries to move him back to the zoo.

She wondered if he was just upset or sick.

She noticed that he looked a little strange.

something is off

Was it her imagination or did he change size overnight?

The next day, the situation remained unchanged, and Mel began to worry.

She decided to take the snake to the veterinarian.

Something is wrong with her cute baby.

A group of veterinarians asked her about the python’s sudden, unusual behavior.

When one of them began to examine the outside They believe the best course of action is to do an ultrasound of the snake’s abdomen.

Maybe it’s eating something weird.

during ultrasound One of the four veterinarians frowned and looked at the others. gathered around which made Mel’s heart skip a beat.

what do they see

When will it be bad?

A veterinarian asked her a series of questions about snakes. Including its eating and sleeping behavior.

That’s when Mel reveals the reunion ritual between her and Fang.

Then the veterinarian showed her an ultrasound, and Mel couldn’t understand what she was seeing.

The snake’s stomach is absolutely empty.

So what’s the problem?

The veterinarian asked Mel if the python typically sprawled across its body and curled up around itself as it lay in its bed.

yes she confirmed

The veterinarian explained that Fang purposely stopped eating. It wasn’t because he wasn’t feeling well. but because he was preparing to eat a big meal

Snakes tend to eat animals larger than themselves. thanks to its ability to loosen its jaws.

By sprawling next to Mel, the python scales her size. The key is to practice how he approaches his next big meal.

Fang waited patiently until the right time to grab the victim, in which case an unaware Mel sat in the treatment room.

Mel had to absorb everything Wata had just told her.

A chill runs down her spine as she learns that her beloved Fang may be preparing to eat her while she sleeps. thinking that she took intimacy as a bond And thought she wondered if the snake was watching her.

At night he watched and waited for his next victim.

Shocked, Mel returns home with her pet python.

She immediately put him where he was: in a zoo with a tight seal. far from her bedroom

She still loves Fang very much and still believes that snakes can make great pets. But from now on, she has to be more careful and responsible to avoid any danger.

Her neighbor was right.

Ultimately, Mel endured the charges from those neighbors after she told them about their close contact with the python.

She was so relieved that she had escaped such a horrible death.

She shared her story on social media in hopes that other snake lovers would enjoy it. will learn from your mistakes. And be more careful where they keep their pet slithering.

It can even happen to an unsuspecting snake owner.

Mel still wonders what she would do if Fang started attacking her in the middle of the night.

Will she be able to escape?

How would she feel being turned around by her beloved pet?

Of course, it’s normal to keep snakes as pets.

It’s so beautiful, mysterious, fascinating.

But would you let it sleep on your bed?

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