The village of Dulali sees a perplexing sight. When a huge UFO that looks like a floating city emerges shock the audience

Unidentified Flying Objects (UFOs), also known as flying saucers, are a paranormal phenomenon that has been reported around the world. According to villagers in the small border village of Dulali in Lanzai South Ward, Darazo Local Government Area of ​​Bauchi State, the phenomenon occurred in Nigeria in March 2011.

At that time, almost the entire village of a few hundred people saw a bright light in the sky immediately after morning prayers at the local mosque. After a while, they saw a gigantic “floating city” or “floating city” falling from the sky.

The site is a border village called Dulali in Lanzai South Ward. Bauchi State’s Darazo Local Government eyewitness Saidu Mechai Dulali makes a living making tea, coffee and hot cocoa drinks for the villagers. A Nigerian newspaper reporter said he saw a bright light in the sky after offering morning prayers at a local mosque as he prepared to start the day’s work.

Suddenly, he sensed a bright light spreading through the atmosphere. This was followed by the sudden realization that Heaven was crushing the village.

as he looked up at the encroaching sky He saw the most incredible scenery of his forty years of existence. According to him, “Something appeared in a wide area and looked like clouds from somewhere. and it flies slowly Above the village at the height of an ordinary tree

“The clouds are transparent. And I saw a beautiful tall building inside. There are paved roads and cars. like a flying city And then I heard the same machine noise you heard at the Ashaka Cement Factory.”

If Syed was the only witness to this extraordinary experience It would be impossible to accept his testimony as fact. interesting is The ‘Flying City’ was seen by almost everyone, hundreds of people, including the Imam of the mosque in the village. Children and adults alike have seen and confirmed this.

Dauda Mohammed, a farmer, was also seen as he was out in the fields. He said he noticed a UFO in the sky. And he was more surprised than scared. He also said He saw the building in The “floating city” looks like it is covered with clouds.

Ibrahim, a 10-year-old boy, said he saw a “UFO” passing behind a tree and landing on the other side. It was evident that the young man was confused about his views on the extraordinary object. Because he thinks that UFOs pass through the trees.

“We believe that perhaps Allah uses those visions to open our eyes to see how the jinn (souls) inhabit their world. Allah is great And there was nothing he could not do in this world.

Two weeks after appearing in our village The flying object visited again at the same time. and in the sky flew around the village for almost an hour before it left. We are happy because it shows that we are a special village. The other towns around are not even blessed with that privilege.”

However, Brian Engler, commenting on Doubtful News, thinks the “UFO” may be a “Fata Morgana” illusion.

“This sounds like a ‘Fata Morgana’ illusion to me, although I don’t know if the meteorological conditions at time and space would support that. Brian Dunning has described several effects in Skeptoid and has an initial explanation. From talking about ‘castles in the air’ which sounds a lot like what these people described. Interesting in any case.”

When the villagers of Dullali were asked if they saw any creatures, in a UFO? All of them answered with certainty and specificity that there was no life seen in the ‘city’ that appeared in the sky.

Back in 2009, there were very few mobile phones in Nigeria. Especially for suburban housing. The miraculous event remained only in the minds of its inhabitants.

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