The tourists were stunned when they saw it. ‘Donut-shaped UFO’ floats above lake in photo he took in China

A Taiwanese businessman claims he caught a donut-shaped UFO with a camera in southwestern China.

Salesman John Chen said he photographed the famous Dian Lake after attending a trade fair in Yunnan Proʋince on NoʋeмƄer 1.

Later, a 44-year-old man and his sister-in-law were shocked to see a mysterious ring-shaped object in the sky. while they were looking at a picture at home in Taipei

Mr Chen (left) sent the image to Philip Mantle, a leading UFO expert, for analysis. Because the flying object is shaped like a donut (right).

The object in question has a ridged side and a hole in the middle. and shaped like a donut

Mr. Chen decided to find a UFO expert to find out what it could do.

Philip Mantle, said to be Britain’s leading UFO researcher, told Chen he could not explain what the flying ‘doughnut’ was. Mantle called the incident an ‘open ʋerdict’.

Howeʋer, Mr Chen said: ‘It must be a UFO.’ It was a strange donut in the sky.

‘The weird thing is I didn’t see it at the time. My wife’s sister is an asshole. She said there was something in the picture. and I think she was joking’

Businessman John Chen photographed Dian Lake in China on the day he attended an expo (left) only when he was back in Taiwan. He said there was a UFO in there (right).

Other images of Tien Hauer Lake do not show anything unusual in the sky.

Mr. Chen then checked with his colleague. They shared pictures taken that day. But his colleague did not capture any strange objects in the sky.

Upon receiving the photos Mr Chen sent, British UFO expert Philip Mantle doubled down on the accuracy of the images.

‘What I can say is that the photographer in question here is always cooperative and seems really puzzled by the images in his photos.

He did not see the alleged UFO while the photo was taken. instead of relatives who noticed Mo When he posted Mo on social media’

Mantel concluded that there is no proof that these images are deceptive. In addition, the subject can release debris trapped in the camera.

‘More studies on these photos are needed. Ƅ before any definitive conclusion, therefore in мeantiмe is still an ‘open erdict’, he adds.

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