The story of a woman who had multiple miscarriages and quadruplets.

A mother who had three miscarriages became four pregnant women while she was about to stop having more children.

Dayna Childress, 28, was pregnant with Lincoln’s first child in 2015 after less than a month of trying.

The pregnancy went well, and the couple’s first son, Lincoln, was born in December 2015 when Lincoln was nine months old.

Dayna became worried that she wouldn’t be able to get pregnant after six months of Ьаttɩіпɡ to get pregnant. She tried for seven months until the pregnancy test came back positive.

“I always had the feeling that I was pregnant. So when I was 22, I either donated my eggs to сoпfігm or refused before I was ready to have my own,” says Dayna.

“People say I am very fertile. And I donated about 20 eggs for each donation. and know that everything is fine

During her second pregnancy, Dayna experienced nausea. But after five weeks the symptoms stopped. ‘One week after the nausea stopped. The test confirmed that I had a miscarriage. I was depressed and unacceptable.’

Although she was late in labor, Mrs Childress didn’t last long. However, she miscarried four weeks ago.

Dayna is worried that she won’t be able to get pregnant again on schedule. So she went to four obstetricians to see what was going on. But it had no effect on her fertility.

“I’m happy that I didn’t find anything out of the ordinary. But also had to stop. for if they find nothing How are they going to help solve the problem before I miscarry?” she said.

Experts diagnosed Dayna with recurring miscarriages of unknown cause. And she started taking fertility drugs Clomid and Follistim.

After one year of fertility treatment The couple became pregnant again. But the pregnancy failed as Dayna’s body was already preparing for her period when the eggs were laid.

In 2018, fertility doctors warned Dayna and Colby not to try to conceive during her 6-egg month due to the possibility of them multiplying.

Surprisingly, the couple found that they did not grow from a three-member family to a family of seven during the five-week ultrasound scan when four cysts were visible.


“I produced 6 mature eggs but my doctor advised me to try that month as Follistim has a 30 percent chance of multiplying.

“My husband and I decided to give it a try because every round before I had four eggs and got pregnant only once.”

At 5 weeks, an ultrasound revealed that the couple had given birth to 4 twins and that Otto, Willow, Simon, and Willis were born on June 29, 2019, at 28 weeks and 6 days.

“The first ultrasound showed four cysts, but we only saw two babies with fast heartbeats, so I thought at most they were twins. So I’m glad about that. But I’m happier when I have four kids,” Dayna said.

“You never know how infertility happens because everyone keeps it a secret. It’s like we’re all willing to talk about it. But that was what helped me get through it,” the couple said after sharing their experiences.

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