The story of a Penanggungan climber who passed through a haunted trail!

Mount Penanggungan is located in East Java, Indonesia. It is known for its beautiful and picturesque landscapes, however, it is also known for the terrifying tales and legends surrounding the mountain, one about the haunted path that hikers must pass to reach the summit.

The tale has it that long ago, a group of travelers passed through the corridor at night and met a group of people performing a traditional ceremony. The traveler continues But they soon realized that they had lost their way and ended up at the same spot they had seen the previous ceremony. The group then became ghosts and the traveler was never seen again.

Despite the chilling legend But many intrepid hikers still try to reach the top of Penang Kung via the haunted route. A group of climbers recently shared their experience of going through the infamous route.

The group consisted of four climbers and started their journey to the summit at 3am to avoid the crowds and reach the summit before sunrise. as they walked along the path They could feel something creepy around them, the passage was dark, they could hardly see anything. But they continued to move on.

Suddenly they heard a strange noise. and the hairs on the back of their necks rose. They quickly realized that they were not alone on the path. However, they did not let their fear take over and continued to walk up the mountain.

when you reach the end They were relieved that they had safely passed the haunted path. They then proceeded to the top of the mountain and were rewarded with a beautiful sunrise view.

In short, Penang Kungkan might have a formidable reputation. But that doesn’t stop adventurous hikers from challenging the haunted trails. Although the path can be creepy and unsteady. But the rewards of reaching the summit and taking in the breathtaking views are well worth the trip. So, if you’re up for adventure and aren’t afraid of ghosts, try climbing Penanggungan Mountain and going through the haunted trails.

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