The story һoггgoг when the serpent god appeared in India as half-man half-snake that made everyone’s hearts tremble (VIDEO)

India has long been a land of magic and wonder. There are many stories about people and events. One such person who has recently caught the attention of the whole country is a “snake man” named Vava Suresh.

Vava Suresh is a herpetologist and wildlife conservationist in the southern state of Kerala. He has dedicated his life to the rescue and rehabilitation of snakes. And he is known for his unique way of handling even the most venomous snakes.

Suresh’s fascination with snakes began in childhood. And he has been working with snakes for over 30 years. He has rescued thousands of snakes from various places including homes, temples and even government offices.

What makes Suresh truly stand out is the way he directly captures gesсᴜe snakes. He uses his bare hands to grasp and move the snake without any protective equipment. He claims this method is necessary to establish trust with the snakes and manage them safely and effectively.

Suresh has received national recognition for his work. And he was awarded пᴜmeгoᴜѕ and honors for his efforts in wildlife conservation. He has also featured in several documentaries and news articles. which helped raise awareness about the importance of snake conservation in India.

Despite his success, Suresh remained humble and dedicated to his work. He believes snakes are an important part of the ecosystem and it is our responsibility to protect and conserve them.

In summary, Vava Suresh is a real inspiration and a testament to the іпсгedіЬɩe work being done in the field of wildlife conservation in India. His fearlessness and dedication to saving snakes earned him the nickname “Snake Man,” and his work has helped educate people about the importance of protecting misunderstood creatures. these We need more people like Vava Suresh to ensure the survival of wildlife and the conservation of our natural world.

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