The “Sky eуe” telescope detects something. And China claims to have discovered extraterrestrial life.

Chinese authorities assumed they might have discovered signs of life. This isn’t the first time a source close to the Chinese government has said they may have life on other planets. : “With a grand ceremony we announce the сoпfігmаtіop of genius life!”

as you expected This left many confused and confused trying to figure out what it meant. Even if the account is not verified. But there are other space agencies. This is followed by a verified account. including the UK Space Agency and the US Space Command.

The Galileo Project, a Harvard-led group of scientists in their quest for life above all else. was accomplished in the same year as well. This project uses a combination of research. artificial intelligence and ground-based telescopes for The “known physics to describe newly observed physical objects” project Galileo will not mix any previous interactions with each other. But many different agencies are already doing that. In June 2021, the US government’s Office of the Director of National Intelligence It has previously announced a mission designed to deal with UFOs.

The largest telescope shines signs of life

Image courtesy of Vcg/Getty The latest claims come after the Sky Eye telescope, the world’s largest telescope, detected “several possible traces of alien technology and civilization from outer space”. from last year These latest claims come from official sources and were reported by China’s official Ministry of Science and Technology newspaper.

The announcement was made by Professor Zhang Tongjie, Chief Scientist of the China Extraterrestrial сіⱱіɩіzаtіop Research Group of Beijing Normal University.

Professor Tongji described the discovery as a set of pacoband electromagnetic signals. Those signals could come from afar. Or maybe it’s just radio interference. More research is needed to determine what they are and where they came from.

The Sky eуe telescope was completed in 2016 and will be made available to international scientists in 2021. With a diameter of 1,600 feet, the Sky eуe is three times larger and more sensitive than the telescopes at the Arecibo University Observatory, which record the largest telescopes. 50 years. Over a 47-day period in 2019, the telescope installed over 1,600 high-speed radio Ьᴜгstas, the largest set of high-speed radio Ьᴜгѕtѕ ever recorded. It is theorized that civilizations may have been the source of these civilizations. But since scientists don’t know exactly what their origins are.

What is a radio telescope?

People may be familiar with optical telescopes. This allows us to see distant objects by magnifying and focusing reflected light. Radio telescopes work the same way. and can be used to observe distant objects The National Radio Astronomy Observatory (NRAO) defines a radio telescope as an instrument that collects “Weak radio waves are used to focus, magnify and make them available for analysis.” Telescopes can also be used to send and scatter light from planets within the solar system.

The telescope is also incredibly sensitive, with the NRAO signaling a standard mobile phone saying, That sensitivity allows radio telescopes to capture objects up to 13 billion light-years away (via SciTechDaily). Telescopes can also be massive. The largest – China’s sky – has a diameter of 500 meters. Radio telescopes can also be arranged into large arrays.

What is fast radio?

Fast radio Ьᴜгѕt is a fraction of a second radio waves that scientists believe come from far away in space. Although the exact origins of Ьᴜгstѕ have not yet been discovered, they were first discovered in 2007 and have been deployed on large radio telescopes around the world. The scientist recorded only a few at first. But China’s Sky eye telescope has just begun recording hundreds of records a year.

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