The sight of strange clouds covering mysterious objects on the ground caused panic among the people.

A storm cloud shaped like an unidentified flying object appears in the sky over the United States. There are many ring tones surrounding the look of the Alliep.

A huge storm followed by a tornado and a giant cloud appeared over Roswell. New Mexico

Dense and billowing clouds in the sky. It was like an image of an unknown flying object landing on the ground.

However, in reality Giant clouds form from the rainstorm. This is a type of storm where winds continue to rotate in an upward direction. These storms often form tornadoes.

Most of these storms blow through abandoned or uninhabited areas. The Storm will litter heavily.

The apparent location of the whirlwind and clouds of flying objects near the US Army’s secret 51st base. This is where UFOs are believed to have been discovered in 1947.

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