The recent record-breaking giant goldfish weighed up to 50 kg.

Record-breaking goldfish caught in Champagne France The fisherman hauled a 50-kilogram specimen ashore.

This fragile specimen was half the weight of the record-breaker recently caught in France. Image Credit: KoiQuestion via Flickr CC BY-SA 2.0

BlueWater Lakes carp fishery released the giant creature known as The Carrot 20 years ago, and ever since. It has since grown into one of the largest animals in the world.

It is twice the size of the fish you see above.

Look here.

Many species of goldfish are hardy golden domesticated carp. There are many colors to choose from. They sometimes mate with other fish, such as koi, as is the case with The Carrot.

Due to the hybrid status of carp-koi and with over 20 years of roaming The carrot grew to weigh more than 50 kilograms. Andy Hackett from Worcestershire It took Britain 25 minutes to pull her in before taking a few selfies and letting the animal go.

According to IFL Science, The Carrot’s massive size is a reminder not to leave your pet out into the wild. They can grow to this size. Causing disturbances to the sediment and destroying unfamiliar plants. The enormous former pet goldfish are reported to be a problem in many parts of the Americas. And the authorities believe that pet owners are at fault.

Goldfish dumped into wild waters could mean that invasive species drive away native species by competing for resources. Prevention is a good idea.

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