The puppy doesn’t know its mother is gone. looking for food to bring to its mother’s corpse every day

Animals are like humans. There are feelings that are expressed differently depending on the species.

It was a gaunt little dog that looked sad. It sat next to the skeleton and skin of a large dog that had been dead for several days. The cause of the death of the large dog is unknown. But this pup is likely to be its offspring.

people inquire about it But when the photographer returned, he was lost, which was understandable after a long time. Some were annoyed that the photographer forgot to bring their dog. which he discovered later They hoped that the puppies would still be alive and well somewhere in the harsh conditions of Tibet.

A puppy does not know its mother and goes every day looking for food to bring it to its mother.

“I saw a heartbreaking sight as I walked around the burned-out area of ​​the village,” the photographer says of this touching photo. “I picked up my camera and sat down pitifully watching the little dogs. After picking up my camera, I started taking pictures.”

because no one adopted the little dog So I planned to take him with me when he left. However, he was eventually adopted by a kind person. because he is poor So me and him decided to send the dog to the Buddhist community house in the village. I am sure I will be returning to see the dogs in the near future.”

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