The owner was dead, the dog guarded the grave day and night, and no one was allowed to come near. – Juligal

It’s been three years since he lost young master Dano to drowning. Minoma slept on the grave whether it was rain or shine or the family forbade it.

Mino is a faithful dog, about 5 years old, who was adopted by Dano’s family as a child. From the first day he came back Mino has proven to be the most attached to Dano. Even if there are many children in the family. At that time, the boy Dano did not yet know how to walk.

She’s not a dog lover anymore. Saw her nephew enjoying playing with Mino. Mrs. Dano then washed herself clean and let her son play freely with her four-legged friends. about a year later The boy could not die from drowning. The family buried their grandson in the field behind the house.

Three days later, when the boy’s grave was finished, Mino lay there quietly. from morning till evening

“I see it every day. I took it home to take care of it. But after taking it home for a while, it returned to its original place. I come out every day, so I have to endure it,” Grandma said.

At this moment, everyone in the family thought that maybe when he was still alive, Little Dano was the closest person to Mino. Therefore, there is a special relationship between him and the dog.

The tomb was originally located in the middle of a field. There was no tree shadow early in the morning. The dog was lying there. in the past three years Only at noon when the sun is hot, late at night, or when strangers come to visit Mino. they entered the house There is cake or fruit in the house. Mino put it next to baby’s grave

Mino is a smart, quiet and very obedient dog. It only barks when strangers come into the house. Does not bark like other dogs

Long ago Dano’s grandmother stopped seeing Mino as an ordinary dog ​​and became a member of the family. “I didn’t think animals would love my grandchildren this much. I will raise them until they die and then bury them, not sell them or give them to anyone else,” Ms Dano said.

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